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1.     Take data inventory and decide what to use for this paper, what to save for others. Consider reframing entire paper to focus exclusively on graduate students. Can use both middle school student and teacher data as evidence for findings related to the effectiveness of the course for graduate students.

-Need help from BS about how & whether to combine data sets from 2 years

2.     Transcribe any remaining interviews/videos.

3.     Once I have an idea of what data I will use, get help (Tang Wee?, Barbara?, Greg?, BS listserv?, hire grad hourly? BS person?).

4.     Read up on qualitative content analysis/coding. Develop a plan for data analysis. Buy Atals Ti or similar.

5.     Get help with statistics.

6.     Determine target journal for manuscript. Submit for NARST?




7.     Data analysis 2 with colleagues!

8.     Writing: incorporate feedback from this group and seek more feedback when finished (need help from BS with this).

a.     Add subheadings in methods (Course Design, Population, Data Collection, Data Analysis?).

b.     Provide clear motivation (tie to core study objectives) for each instrument and data set used in the study. Start each methods paragraph with this. Say “In order to A, we used B instrument and analyzed the data using C. Be specific about who, how and in what context the data was collected and analyzed.

c.      Tighten language around what SOS measures in the methods.

d.     Provide examples of survey items in the text, include the scale (“strongly agree” etc.) and give a specific example to illustrate how interviews were structured and how they related to surveys.

e.     Be specific about how surveys were administered (who administered, where, with what population, etc).

f.      Incorporate one example of a student’s process for lesson development and provide and include figure example of the completed lesson.

g.     Qualitative results may be different? Display using a similar table as in Erin’s paper to better organize around study objectives and make it more visual.

h.     Describe demographics more clearly.

i.       Describe course design for year one and two in detail. Include course topics in the text rather than a figure to save space. May also want to reiterate course objectives and how students were assessed.

j.       Do a better job of providing context for the study and tying results to the literature.

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