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Timeline for Manuscript

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Action Plan


Week of July 23

1. Meet with statistician - Korshavn - to analyze data from general biology II spring 2012.


2. Look at new set of data from general biology II spring 2012. Compare results of this datato results of Human biology fall 2010 data.


3. Explain to Stuart how I am classifying the questions at a more specific level and check with him about how to format the data in excel for future analysis. - Once I have that, he can feed it into the program for analysis. Look at the statistical significance of how students    progressed developmentally through the levels of Bloom's taxonomy once the applicationquestions are teased out/away from the synthesis level questions, etc.


4. Go back to clicker and exam questions to continue to classify each at the specific level of Bloom's taxonomy: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation.


5. Once this is complete, reformat data in excel spreadsheet so that it is ready for Stuart to analyze it.


6. Send clicker and exam questions for exams III, IV from Human Biology fall 2010 to Bill. Send clicker and exam questions for exams II-IV for General Biology spring 2012 to Bill.


Week of July 30


7. Consider adding information about the impact of what I am doing (using clicker questions at different cognitive levels) on their study habits. If clicker questions are low cognitive level, this suggests to students to study at low level. If I use higher cognitive level questions, students study at high level, deep learning level.


8. Look at paper by Tomanek. Student study skills.


9. Add to abstract (done) and introduction specifically how my project is novel. I state this in the cover letter, but it is not explicit in the paper.

Ideally, by late Sept., early October


10. I need ratings of questions from Bill Cliff. I need to send the rest of Human Biology fall 2010 questions to Bill. I also need to prepare and send the clicker and exam questions from general biology II, spring 2012.


11. Reformat paper for CBE-LSE


By end of October

12. Complete new draft of paper.


13. Send paper to three colleagues for review.


By end of November

14. Prepare manuscript for submission.

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