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2011 Transitions Cohort

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 TR2011Cohort 009_Aaronson_CompressedforWeb.jpg

Larry Aaronson, Utica College

 "The Novel Approach: Reading Fictional Novels Enhances Integrative Learning in Undergraduate Microbiology Courses"

 TR2011Cohort 011_Barnard_CompressedforWeb.jpg

Daron Barnard, Worcester State University

 "Enhanced Podcasts to Augment Learning in Genetics"

 TR2011Cohort 013_Duddleston_CompressedforWeb.jpg

Khrys Duddleston, University of Alaska Anchorage

 "The Impact of Instruction on Students' Attitudes toward Microorganisms"

 TR2011Cohort 007_Prescott_CompressedforWeb.jpg

Sarah Prescott, University of New Hampshire Manchester

 "The Effect of Blogging on Constructing Knowledge Connections in a Biochemistry Course"

 TR2011Cohort 012_Long_CompressedforWeb.jpg

Tammy Long, Michigan State University

 "Fostering Ecoliteracy through Model-Based Instruction"

 TR2011Cohort 008_Sleister_CompressedforWeb.jpg

Heidi Sleister, Drake University

 "Use of a DNA Model Activity in Genetics to Improve Student Learning of DNA Structure and Function"

 TR2011Cohort 010_Washington_CompressedforWeb.jpg

Jackie Washington, Nyack College

 "Clickers: Help or Hinderance to Motivating and Engaging Students in Small Non-major Introductory Science Classroom"




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