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Stephanie's Team

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Stephanie's Team:  Ana Maria Barral, Natalia Caporale, David Gondek, Claire Trottier


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 Fall Assembly Presentation 2015v2.pptx
Presentation at the Fall symposium
1985.91 kB09:20, 11 Sep 2015abarralActions
 Ardi_Modification_IRB COMMENTS answered.docx
Proposal with IRB questions and our answers
33.49 kB23:52, 2 Oct 2015abarralActions
 Think aloud consent form ardi barral 2015.docx
Think aloud instructions
21.26 kB23:52, 2 Oct 2015abarralActions
 2015 BSP-RR - Gondek - Metacognition.pdf
No description
284.41 kB11:24, 11 Dec 2015dgondekActions
 Gondek (Nov) - Metacognition presentation to CFE.pdf
No description
1951.05 kB11:32, 11 Dec 2015dgondekActions
 ASMCUE 16' - Abstract.docx
ASMCUE 16' - Gondek abstract
12.13 kB15:39, 12 Feb 2016dgondekActions
 ASMCUE poster2016.03.15modified.docx
Ana ASMCUE poster accepted
19.96 kB22:28, 31 Mar 2016abarralActions
Assignment 6
132.99 kB02:06, 2 Apr 2016abarralActions
 ASBMB 2016 flipped_2016.03.31FINAL.pdf
Poster to be presented at the 2016 ASBMB meeting April
1521.67 kB02:06, 2 Apr 2016abarralActions
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Hi everyone,
Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend. I notified Stephanie that I would be late for this assignment as next week will be my chance to talk about the RR. Every Fall my university has an academic assembly with an associated scholarship symposium. I will be presenting the General Biology flipped classroom project with my collague Veronica, and at the end of the presentation I have a few slides with information about the residency. Once finished I will upload it, and also report about the feedback (it is Tuesday). Cheers!
Posted 18:12, 6 Sep 2015
Good luck in your presentation! We should chat soon!
Posted 20:40, 6 Sep 2015
Hi all! I met with my Chair when I returned and he was so excited about the program that he managed to convince the Faculty of Medicine to run an article about me in their newsletter ( I’ve since had conversations about the program with many colleagues.

My research project has been moving along slowly since the study isn’t planned until the Winter term. I’ve met with my collaborator (the instructor for the course) and we’ve mapped out a plan and started developing some of the tools for the study. We’re going to be piloting the tools with a couple of TAs before submitting the IRB later this Fall.

Otherwise my primary job as a facilitator for curriculum reform is going really well. I have a lot of new useful insights and ideas to share with my colleagues as a result of my time with all of you. As an example, I’ve suggested the idea of exam wrappers to a colleague who works on some big intro classes in the Faculty of Science. Actually – Dave – would you be willing to share your exam wrapper questions with me, and let me know if I could use them in classes at my institution?

I look forward to hearing about what you guys have been up to!
Posted 16:09, 9 Sep 2015
Hi everyone,
I have attached the presentation of the flipped classroom project results. This is our Fall faculty assembly, so I presented to a wider audience. I got lots of great feedback from the psychologists! They loved that I was getting into qualitative research and they gave me tips about the Think aloud technique. One of them said that the number of pauses (= punctuation) in the recording could be correlated to (I believe) critical thinking. He was going to send me the reference. My Dean was at the presentation and she was pleased. I am teaching the class in October and am crazily prepping the activities and the post questions.
Posted 09:23, 11 Sep 2015
So I finally got the meeting with my Center of Faculty Excellence(CFE) directors. They were thrilled to hear about the BSP. I am set-up to give a brown-bag lunch presentation later this fall. I will be focusing on deep thinking by college students and will provide a selection of techniques to get students more engaged with their own thinking. The CFE has also set me up with their scholar in residence and would like us to work on a project together to make SOTL more accessible to the Ithaca faculty. That will roll out this coming spring. They really liked the format of the BSP and will likely model it for one of their own offerings in the upcoming year.

My chair was also quite pleased to hear about the program and he strongly encourages my continued focus on the Freshman retention problem within the major. There is some institutional support for this as well and when we have more data we might be able to roll something out to a wider community.

The metacognition study is well underway and going smoothly thus far. Thanks to Natalia and Jess S. I think this is going to be a great collaborative project.
Posted 08:20, 17 Sep 2015
Anna - that presentation looked great. I liked the individual question analytics. I had not thought to break it down on the question level. I should try that with some of my data in the future.
Posted 08:26, 17 Sep 2015
I finally had a meeting with other Lecturers at UC Davis to discuss the challenges we face with doing research in education while teaching and trying to learn as we go. They were very excited about the BSP program (I am certain there will be several UC Davis applications this coming year) and I am working with our CTL center to organize a workshop modeled after the BSP to get people started in small research projects at Davis.
Posted 14:08, 28 Sep 2015
Hi everyone,
Reporting here on the IRB process. As you know, my project on the flipped classroom had been already ongoing and I had to submit the IRB application before starting in March. I had received the official email "IRB document posted" but failed to check the actual application, which stated they required additional information. I did not see it until I returned from the residency and was going to apply for modification to include the qualitative methods. Oops! The questions to the original application mainly focused on 1) how would we announce the study (surveys etc), 2) which students would be participating and how could we guarantee that participation was completely voluntary, 3) if a student declined to participate, what would they do with their in-class time, as well as 4) asked for a specific script for the solicitation. If you are interested i can upload the application with the questions and answers. It was not too difficult, and once the answers were submitted the exemption was approved. Then it was time to submit the modification to include the think aloud qualitative method. We heavily borrowed the language from Miriam Segura-Totten's IRB and script, which she generously shared with me. I am uploading the document with the IRB comments and the answers we submitted, which was approved just last week! The course started this past Monday. To be honest I have not even gotten to the actual practical details of the recording. Natalie suggested iPad applications but I may just go by one of those small tape recorders of the past. The good thing is that we are now 3 instructors involved: Veronica and I who started the flipped project, and a recently hired faculty who is eager to help out in the classroom to get used to our system. So I believe between the 3 of us we can make the interviews happen. The hardest part of the IRB questions? Calculating the chances of students actually winning the gift card! Miriam had one gift card for a local restaurant, but I decided to go for 3 smaller amazon cards, which can be emailed directly by the interviewer (guaranteeing anonimity from me). Hope you are all doing good. Natalie be sure to report about your workshop. Cheers and happy weekend, Ana. edited 23:53, 2 Oct 2015
Posted 23:50, 2 Oct 2015
Hi gang! I've been MIA for a bit with the start of the semester. I haven't applied for IRB yet, the deadline I am aiming for is in November. I am working on an application for a small grant within my university to hopefully be able to hire an RA to help me with coding my data, which would be very helpful!

Ana - you have done so much amazing work, wow! I'm happy to see that all of you are doing well and chugging along :)
Posted 10:08, 5 Oct 2015
Hi all,
I applied for Expedited review back in August and it was approved within 10days for the start of classes. I was really really lucky to be working with Natalia and Jess (Miriam's team). Our e-mails back and forth gave me a lot to go on. Since we are are trying to homogenize study design, I largely replicated Jess' IRB application. It sailed through with a couple of minor modifications.
There was a little hiccup with enrollment numbers when when of my co-workes came back from sabbatical and advised students the opposite of my study design(she missed the years worth of dept. discussion which lead to this study). That did work itself out, but hopefully my numbers (which were small to start) will be enough for some sort of statistical analysis.
Posted 13:31, 12 Oct 2015
Ugh, this was posted in the wrong place: Friday the 13th Assignment! I have added a number of references to my library, especially newer references supporting teaching scholarship in sciences. As sch, there is one nice summary of education research initaitives in Bradforth et al, Nature 2015, as well as an updated Vision and Change report (Chronicling Change, Inspiring Future). I really liked Couch et al. 2015 list of scientific teaching practices:
One experience I would like to share is related to submitting a manuscript to our university's internal jurnal on innovative practices. It was accepted with a long list of required modifications, a lot of them related to Education research, which I thought were more widely known. I got slammed for quoting Pat Hutchins' "what is" and "what works" without elaborating further, and was asked to explain "triangulation." Lesson learned, I cannot assume that people working on education research know all the lingo :)On the other hand, it was probably useful to ask me to be more detailed.
Posted 22:42, 3 Dec 2015
I was recruited by our Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) to give a presentation about "deep learning" and metacognition(Nov 2015). I have provided that to all of you in the attachments.
Posted 11:34, 11 Dec 2015
My apologies that I haven't been posting...crazy fall!

David, that's great news!!

Ana, yes, there is A LOT of jargon that we have all become familiar with that is foreign to our colleagues. This can really put up barriers that impede good communication and, sometimes, even acceptance of our work since it is different from the research that typically goes on in our departments. Just take the feedback as an opportunity to educate your colleagues and I'm sure they will be excited to see what you are doing.

Claire and Natalia, how are things going?

My grad student and I will have our first paper together published in Advances in Physiology Education in March which is great for her. I also just survived the first week of classes complete with submitting an NSF proposal! Ugh! I need to sleep!
Posted 15:43, 15 Jan 2016
Happy New Year everybody! Hope you had a nice break and your semester started well.
January 20 assignment about ASMCUE. Good to hear from you, Stephanie, and congrats to the paper! I know about craziness, I am still behind.
As for the ASMCUE poster...I remember submitting one couple of years ago, which was not accepted as I did not have the hypothesis and results alignment clear. So I learned my lesson, and now with the residency experience under my belt it feels less scary. That said, I am really short on time. The colleague who has been helping me with statistics has a dossier deadline end of January, so we have basically 2 weeks to crunch the data and see what is going on. I will play with the data, but not sure that we will get anything significative.
Not sure what else to post here regarding the poster. It will be a crunch for sure!
Posted 17:47, 20 Jan 2016
Btw David, thanks for that metacognition presentation! It is very useful.
Posted 17:53, 20 Jan 2016
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