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Nitya's Team:  Jennifer Brigati, Pratima Darr, Marisa Isaacson, Tracy Ruscetti


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My IRB proposal for this project was approved. I will begin data collection later this month. The IRB proposal for the work I am doing at UTK (not the BSP project) is going before their full board today, so I'd appreciate any good vibes you can send. This is just a revision of a protocol my mentor there already had in place, but the IRB at UTK is all new staff, and they are very cautious and picky compared to the old group, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the proposal is approved so we can begin data collection next week. I hope everyone is doing well!
Posted 09:04, 18 Sep 2015
As I mentioned earlier my IRB application was approved. I've already performed all my assessments, which are now with a colleague for safekeeping and confidentiality until the grades for the semester have been submitted. My biggest tip for anyone in the matter of the IRB proposal , is to be as explicit as possible to your students on your research participation consent forms for them. The IRB chair/committee will scrutinize that very closely and ask you to clarify about items on that form. For example,whether there any incentives for participation in the project is a point that must be made very clear to your students on the consent form since you should not be the one administering those forms. I'm not sure about how similar the requirements are at other places but all your assessments should be validated ones. I supplied copies and/or references for all the assessments that I used.

This is not about the IRB proposal but a point to keep in mind while conducting your assessments is that you may find it necessary to make adjustments for the class time that gets used up if assessments are done during class time. This was the case for me so I curved my first exam to make amends for lost class time which was considerable. Added up, at least one full class period was taken up with the assessments that I used. The accommodation I made helped me foster the sense of accountability on my part and hopefully inspires them to be accountable as well.
Posted 06:22, 2 Oct 2015
Best wishes, Jennifer, for the other proposal!!!
Posted 06:23, 2 Oct 2015
My IRB proposal is still in progress. I am working through the details of de-identifying the students work but I am close to submission (next week I suspect). I have developed my coding strategy and have worked up the pre- problem set for Quantitative reasoning and rhetoric. I don't begin my project until Winter quarter officially so I have a bit of wiggle room on the IRB. Congrats to all getting their approval! Woot!
Posted 18:49, 2 Oct 2015
As I mentioned above I received IRB approval without any issues. I received a copy of an IRB application from a previous study from another faculty member in the department which was very helpful! At this point I have collected most of my data and can spend winter break figuring out how to analyze it.
Posted 09:55, 5 Oct 2015
Most of my recent reading has been related to a grant proposal I just submitted with my collaborators at UTK. I am going to paste citations for some of the more useful "methods" papers below. Regarding the project I am using for BSP, I have found a few more good resources recently, including one on best practices in studying student attitudes.
American Association for the Advancement of Science. (2012). Describing & measuring undergraduate STEM teaching practices. Washington, DC.
Eddy, S., Converse, M., & Wenderoth, M. (2015). PORTAAL: A Classroom Observation Tool Assessing Evidence-Based Teaching Practices for Active Learning in Large Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Classes. CBE – Life Sciences Education, 14, 1-16.
Hora, M., Oleson, A., & Ferrare, J. (2013). Teaching Dimensions Observation Protocol (TDOP) User’s Manual. Internet: Accessed 2015.
Lane, E., and Harris, S. (2015). A new tool for measuring student behavioral engagement in large university classes. Journal of College Science Teaching, 44 (6), 83-91.
Lund, T., Pilarz,M., Velasco, J., Chakraverty,D., Rosploch, K., Undersander, M., & Stains, M. (2015). The Best of Both Worlds: Building on the COPUS and RTOP Observation Protocols to Easily and Reliably Measure Various Levels of Reformed Instructional Practice. CBE – Life Sciences Education, 14, 1-12.
Smith, M.K., Jones, F.H.M., Gilbert, S.L., & Wieman, C.E. (2013). The classroom observation
protocol for undergraduate STEM (COPUS): A new instrument to characterize university STEM classroom practices. CBE - Life Sciences Education, 12, 618-627.
Weiman, C., and Gilbert, S. (2014). The Teaching Practices Inventory: A New Tool for
Characterizing College and University Teaching in Mathematics and Science. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 13, 552-569.
Williams, B., & Carvalho, I. (2010, September). Using the LAMM classroom observation system to facilitate the adoption of active learning methodologies in engineering education. In Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) (pp. 19-22).
Posted 14:22, 2 Nov 2015
I've attached my annotated bibliography here. Sorry, I worked hard on that so I'm just posting that. It includes a couple references that may be of interest to others. Things are crazy busy right now.
Posted 16:25, 12 Nov 2015
My annotated bibliography was invaluable to me. I have since added a couple of papers but there still isn't much out there in the way of Quantitative Rhetoric. I am attaching my document here. I will say that the process of coding qualitative information has been fascinating. I'm really enjoying the process of learning something so new to me. Hope all is well with you as we sail into the holiday season.
Posted 18:00, 16 Nov 2015
I just uploaded my presentation from the institute as a means of checking in. I don't have any changes to the plan that was formulated back in July. I'm about to end my first semester implementing the study but I won't have time to look at results from the first semester till January as I'll be out of the country for 3 weeks starting 12/12. I won't be back till the New Year so here's wishing all of you a very joyous holiday season.
Posted 09:58, 8 Dec 2015
I have been following my plan, so the only thing I did to my presentation was add a slide at the end about progress. I did have to do an extra open-response survey because I didn't get enough focus group participants, but I think it gave me comparable data. Next semester I will try to do the focus groups a little earlier in the semester.
My biggest concern at this point is that I don't think I will be able to write a suitable abstract for this project for ASMCUE. I won't have the second data set until May, so I can't write a reasonable abstract in February. However, I am working on several other projects and I DEFINITELY will have one or more interesting and poster-worthy abstracts to submit.
Posted 13:35, 10 Dec 2015
I've updated my project to be more focused. I have IRB approval and we start collecting data in January. I've narrowed the focus to pre and post Quantitative Writing tests and developing directed writing practice during the course. I'll have the pre-test data for ASMCUE abstract deadline.

Happy Holidays to all and Happy New Year!!!
Posted 17:31, 21 Dec 2015
I looked into the abstracts for posters and it is clear to me that I won't have a large enough sample size or, have what data I do have, analyzed fully enough to present a poster at CUE. However, I've talked to a number of individuals who did a microbrew instead at the end of their residency so that is what I'm going to do for this year's CUE. I now need to look into how I can pay for CUE or if there's any assistance I can get since I won't be able to present a poster.
Posted 14:25, 15 Jan 2016
I registered for ASMCUE! Woot. Can't wait to see everyone again at Capstone!
Posted 22:36, 27 Feb 2016
Despite having less than half my data for the project I am working on with the Biology Scholars Program, I was able to submit a poster abstract for ASMCUE that was accepted! I definitely breathed a sigh of relief when I got that email on Friday! I have also submitted a microbrew abstract to present some of the other work I have been doing. I hope everyone else who submitted abstracts for ASMCUE gets good news as well!
Posted 10:07, 28 Mar 2016
Jennifer, we both happened to pick the same article! Great minds think alike.
Posted 15:21, 1 Apr 2016
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