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2. Post-Institute Assignments

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This page will be used to post assignments due during the remainder of your year in Residency, and any resources that the leaders feel are important. Please feel free to add any resources that you come across that you think will assist your fellow participants. In the left-hand navigation bar, underneath this Post-Institute page, are pages for each Team. You will use those pages to post your assignment responses and provide feedback to your team.


Timeline for 2015-2016 Post-Institute Assignments





September 4

Call to Action - Wiki check-in w/ team

Report out on how you’ve shared your BSP experience with colleagues/institution, any outcomes?

October 2

IRB activity - Wiki check-in w/ team

Report out on IRB progress, seek feedback

November 13

Literature activity - Wiki check-in w/ team

Placing work in context of the literature – update your annotated bibliography, find and share literature related to “tools of the trade” session

December 21

Wiki check-in w/ team

Using presentation template, report out on project updates and seek feedback


January 20

Explore abstract resources

Learning to prepare an abstract for ASMCUE

February 16

ASMCUE abstract deadline


March 14

ASMCUE microbrew deadline


April 1

Tutorial for JMBE Research articles & Wiki post

Learning to prepare an article for JMBE’s Research section, annotate a Research article

April  15

ASMCUE travel award submission deadline (ASM members only)

May 6

Pre-Capstone Assignment

 Project changes reported

May 16

ASMCUE early-bird registration deadline

June 3

Feedback for Pre-Capstone  assignment due

 Incorporate feedback into project presentation, prepare for Capstone

June 13

ASMCUE final registration deadline

July 21

Capstone - Required
Bethesda North Marriott,
North Bethesda, MD

Present progress from year in residency

July 21-24 ASMCUE
Bethesda North Marriott,
North Bethesda, MD


Consider submitting your project to JMBE!





























2015-2016 Residency Assignments

Assignment #1 - Due September 4:

One of the charges we gave you when you left the institute was to reach out to at least 3 people (sponsor(s), colleagues, Dean, etc.) to share your new biology education research knowledge. Use your Team page in the left-hand navigation bar (under "2. Post-Institute Assignments") to share with your team what you have done to share your new skills, or what you plan to do over the course of the semester. Have you signed up for a brown-bag presentation, given a workshop, presented a poster, or simply had coffee with your Dean/Chair? What was the reaction? And what other avenues can you pursue to become agents of change at your institution? Please do review your teammates' posting and provide feedback for them!


Assignment #2 - Due October 2:

Some of you touched on your IRB status during the last post-assignment response. This time, we ask all of you to report out on your IRB progress - where are you in the process? Have you hit a roadblock? Do you have questions for your team or for a facilitator? If you have had success with your IRB application, what is one piece of advice that you would share with your cohort? Use your Team page in the left-hand navigation bar (under "2. Post-Institute Assignments") to post your response and provide feedback for each other. Note that you must be logged in to do so.


Assignment #3 - Due November 13:

One of your pre-institute assignments asked you to prepare an annotated bibliography that helps place your project in the context of the literature. Over the course of the Fall semester, your project may have changed in a variety of ways depending on your availability, collaborators, institution, participant pool, etc. At this time, we ask you to update your annotated bibliography so that it reflects your current project more accurately. You do not need to post your updated bibliography, but feel free to use your team's page to ask questions or point out any resources that are especially helpful. In particular, you are encouraged to share any literature that relates to the "Tools of the Trade" session that took place at the onsite institute. Please do review other teams' responses and provide feedback!


Assignment #4 - Due December 21:

Now that the semester is drawing to a close, we ask that you use the presentation template (see the PPT file below) to report out to your team on your project. Make sure to indicate (in red font color) if your research question and/or approach has changed, as compared to the presentation that you gave at the end of the institute. Use the last slide to detail the primary successes and roadblocks to your project - what were you able/unable to accomplish? Why? Also, take this opportunity to review the feedback left for you in the Comments section of your team's page. Please post your semester-end presentation by locating your team in the left-hand navigation bar (under the "2. Post-Institute Assignments" tab) and following the instructions there.


Assignment #5 - Due January 20:

Remember that in your application, you agreed to present a Biology Scholars-related project at the ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators (ASMCUE) or another professional society meeting by September 2016. Whether you are planning to present at ASMCUE or elsewhere, we encourage you to research the poster abstract submission process by visiting the ASMCUE website: There are a number of resources on this page that will help you submit a successful poster now and in the future, including the abstract guidelines, abstract review rubric, presentation guidelines (including tips on how to design an eye-catching poster), and examples of previously accepted abstracts. You should address any questions about the poster submission process to


Assignment #6 - Due April 1:

Now that you have submitted your ASMCUE Microbrew and poster abstracts, we ask you to think about publishing your research project in the future. Publishing your research will not only help your professional dossier but will also help science educators outside of your cohort discover successful teaching delivery methods and solve problems (student motivation, retention, etc.) in their classroom. 

Part I: We ask that you explore the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education's (JMBE) Research section requirements, including the Author Guidelines document and the How-To tutorial on the JMBE submission site:

Part II: Using the JMBE reader site,, find a Research article that you are interested in and annotate it. In particular, identify the learning problem and the research question for the paper. Think about the alignment between the problem and the question – does the question address the whole learning problem or part of the learning problem? Why did you choose this article, and how would you write up your research project?  Please post your annotation by locating your team in the left-hand navigation bar (under the "2. Post-Institute Assignments" tab) and following the instructions there. Please do provide feedback for each other!

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Friday the 13th Assignment! I have added a number of references to my library, especially newer references supporting teaching scholarship in sciences. As sch, there is one nice summary of education research initaitives in Bradforth et al, Nature 2015, as well as an updated Vision and Change report (Chronicling Change, Inspiring Future). I really liked Couch et al. 2015 list of scientific teaching practices:
One experience I would like to share is related to submitting a manuscript to our university's internal jurnal on innovative practices. It was accepted with a long list of required modifications, a lot of them related to Education research, which I thought were more widely known. I got slammed for quoting Pat Hutchins' "what is" and "what works" without elaborating further, and was asked to explain "triangulation." Lesson learned, I cannot assume that people working on education research know all the lingo :)On the other hand, it was probably useful to ask me to be more detailed.
Posted 14:12, 13 Nov 2015
Hi gang! I uploaded an updated version of the ppt. It's good timing, I was planning to work on this today, and came into work to find a letter from my IRB telling me that my project has been approved! I certainly read quite a few papers since I first made my annotated bibliography, and these shaped my proposal and a small grant that I submitted in November. I hope everyone is doing well and that you will soon be able to relax for a couple of weeks. Happy holidays!
Posted 14:29, 15 Dec 2015
Hi Claire, congrats on getting your IRB approved, and hope you get the grant! Gang, hope your holiday preparation are going good. On my end, we have now a set of data that we would like to analyze before moving forward. As for the think alouds, it was a bit disappointing that we had only 3 students volunteering. I am curious to have a psychologist's input for the coding. On a different note, is anybody coming to San Diego to Experimental Biology in April? I submitted 2 abstracts to the education session. Happy holidays to you all!
Posted 23:22, 20 Dec 2015
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