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Ana's reading reflection
17.51 kB10:23, 28 May 2015abarralActions
 Claire Trottier BSP assignment 2.docx
No description
151 kB20:31, 28 May 2015ctrottierActions
No description
155.31 kB18:17, 30 May 2015ncaporaleActions
 Gondek, David - Pre-workshop Reading Reflection.docx
No description
16.67 kB22:04, 31 May 2015dgondekActions
 Ithaca college - IRB.pdf
Gondek - Ithaca College IRB form
363.86 kB11:13, 12 Jun 2015dgondekActions
 IRB Procedures_Sept 2011.pdf
National University IRB procedures
646.95 kB11:22, 17 Jun 2015abarralActions
 Exemption Request Form_flipped classroom Ardi Barral .docx
IRB request for flipped classroom
63.97 kB11:22, 17 Jun 2015abarralActions
 Existing Data IRB BIO100 2015.docx
IRB request for existing data
34.99 kB11:22, 17 Jun 2015abarralActions
 Claire BSP assignment #3.docx
No description
183.95 kB11:24, 19 Jun 2015ctrottierActions
 McGill Med Ed IRB process.pdf
No description
365.41 kB11:24, 19 Jun 2015ctrottierActions
 Annotated bibliography Barral.pdf
Annotated bibliography for a GenBio flipped classroom
91.64 kB14:01, 10 Jul 2015abarralActions
 Trottier_BSP assignment 4 .pdf
No description
49.37 kB01:32, 13 Jul 2015ksherwoodActions
 Annotated Bib - BSP - Gondek,D.pdf
No description
182.15 kB13:10, 13 Jul 2015dgondekActions
Template of IRB Protocol for SFSU
169.12 kB15:46, 14 Jul 2015ncaporaleActions
 Friday 2015 BSP-RR Presentation Caporale-Post.pptx
No description
577.95 kB17:19, 24 Jul 2015ncaporaleActions
 Claire's research plan.pptx
No description
181.75 kB17:24, 24 Jul 2015ctrottierActions
 Ana Barral 2015 BSP-RR Presentation Template-FINAL.pptx
Ana's research plan active learning general bio
685.91 kB17:24, 24 Jul 2015abarralActions
 Gondek - BSP-RR Presentation Template.pdf
No description
508.33 kB17:26, 24 Jul 2015dgondekActions
 Exam Wrapper - Pre-test reflection.pdf
No description
69.83 kB09:00, 25 Jul 2015dgondekActions
 Exam Wrapper_ Post-test reflection.pdf
No description
85.17 kB09:00, 25 Jul 2015dgondekActions
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Heading to ASM-CUE today, hope to see many of you there!
Posted 10:24, 28 May 2015
Claire - I resonated a lot with your description. As an immunologist myself I would love to work with you on your vision. I would highly reccomend your checking out "I, microbiologist" (ASM press). It sounds like the micro equivalent of what you are trying to produce. That is a direction I would like to go with my immunology class as well!
Posted 22:12, 31 May 2015
Natalia - A solution to your first sub-problem for you would be to implement exam wrappers. We rolled these out in our freshman biology course last year. It shifted the "ownership" of grades more solidly to the students and highlighted many of the gaps where their study skills/knowledge had been subpar. Your second sub-aim is also my main issue... I look forward to some good conversations amongst our group!
Posted 22:15, 31 May 2015
Dear Claire
I resonated a lot with your interest of how students perceive research and also your concern about the methods that are used for these kinds of studies. I found that coursera will be offering a free course in qualitative methods in October and I am already planning to take it. Maybe it will also be useful for you?
Posted 14:13, 12 Jun 2015
Hello all, I uploaded 3 IRB documents, the official IRB policies of my institution and examples of 2 IRB submissions (one for a flipped classroom project I am participating currently, and the other for analysis of exisiting data)- hope it is ok. When I started with IRB applications it was helpful to see other people's examples.
Posted 11:24, 17 Jun 2015
Hi David and Natalia, thank you for your comments on my last assignment. I've never done a MOOC, but would consider giving it a try if others are going to do it as well! I was relieved to see that we all seem a bit nervous but excited about this journey. I look forward to hearing more about all your projects.

Ana Maria - it's a small world, turns out you know my colleague Samantha Gruenheid from the Small World Initiative. I worked with her to implement it at McGill, including putting together an IRB for the project.

The IRB process at McGill was hard to understand at first, but I've gone through it so it's clear to me now. I think the reason I found it confusing initially is because the instructions are spread out all over the place, there is no one document that explains it coherently. At the time I spoke to some people who had done it and was lucky to have colleagues willing to share copies of their successful applications to use as a model. I pasted a bunch of documents into a word file and uploaded a separate pdf with instructions for the expedited review process I used in the past.
Posted 11:39, 19 Jun 2015
Hi everyone, hope your summer is going well. Claire, nice to know about the Smantha connection! I have interfaced with her often via teleconference, but never met in person.Thanks for shariong the documents.
As for my "problem," in the beginning I was not clear which project would be my main topic, but I have decided will be going for the flipping of a majors GenBio class. This is something I have been working with a colleague already so we have some preliminary data. Looking forward meeting you soon and getting tons of feedback (and grilling) :)
Posted 14:04, 10 Jul 2015
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