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Miriam's Team:  Benjamin Clegg, Samantha Parks, Jessica Santangelo, Tatiana Tatum Parker


Here is a list I've been compiling of places to publish, conferences, funding opportunities, and awards/fellows. Maybe we can all add to it as we find things? If possible, please include hyperlinks to the sources of the information.



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 ReadingReflection5.19.15 (1).docx
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6.41 kB08:58, 20 May 2015jsantangeloActions
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1553.98 kB09:00, 20 May 2015jsantangeloActions
 Samantha Parks Biology Scholars Reading Reflections 05.27.2015.docx
S. Parks Reading Reflections 5.27.15
148.93 kB23:21, 27 May 2015sparksActions
 Bio Scholars Assignment #2.docx
Tatum Parker Assignment #2
14.31 kB15:32, 29 May 2015ttatumparkerActions
 Tatum Parker IRB Assignment.pdf
IRB Assignment
214.49 kB12:06, 19 Jun 2015ttatumparkerActions
 IRB 1 Application (exeption)_IB150 research program (May 2015 draft).docx
Ben's IRB assignment
60.16 kB14:43, 19 Jun 2015bcleggActions
 GSU IRB-Manual.pdf
S. Parks IRB Manual for GSU 6.19.15
1248.74 kB20:45, 19 Jun 2015sparksActions
Jess Santangelo's Annotated Bibliography
115.84 kB09:38, 8 Jul 2015jsantangeloActions
 Annotated Bibliography.docx
S. Parks Annotated Bibliography 7.9.15
146.98 kB21:02, 9 Jul 2015sparksActions
 Tatum Parker_annotated bibliography.docx
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15.25 kB11:42, 10 Jul 2015ksherwoodActions
 Clegg- annotated bibliography.docx
annotated bibliography
138.43 kB11:38, 21 Jul 2015bcleggActions
 Example grade GMO Lab report Rubric.xlsx
Example Lab Report Rubric
13.73 kB09:16, 23 Jul 2015sparksActions
 3880_7880 Proposal Rubric.xlsx
Example Written Research Proposal Rubric
12.21 kB09:16, 23 Jul 2015sparksActions
 Clegg-RR Draft 3.pptx
Ben Clegg: Final draft of research outline
1165.03 kB16:46, 24 Jul 2015bcleggActions
 Friday 2015 BSP-RR Presentation Template-revised 2.pptx
No description
184.27 kB17:14, 24 Jul 2015sparksActions
 Friday 2015 BSP-RR Presentation Template-FINAL.pptx.pptx
Jess Santangelo's Presentation
85.86 kB17:26, 24 Jul 2015jsantangeloActions
 Friday 2015 BSP-RR Presentation Template-FINAL-1.pptx
Tatiana's Final Presentation
151.71 kB09:56, 25 Jul 2015jsantangeloActions
 Friday 2015 BSP-RR Presentation Template-FINAL.pptx.pdf
Jess Santangelo's Updated PowerPoint
101.73 kB12:24, 23 Dec 2015jsantangeloActions
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Jessica, I really enjoyed reading your reflections and I found that your question of interest is very similar to mine: Developing metacognitive interventions that will help students assess their knowledge more effectively! I can't wait to meet and discuss this further. Natalia (in Stephanie's steam but decided to stop by to say HI to other teams too! :D )
Posted 14:18, 12 Jun 2015
Natalia, Excellent - We should chat. I have a million ideas but am trying to wade through them to find just a few to target.
Posted 14:00, 23 Jun 2015
Tatiana - Your comment about colleagues not valuing SoTL research rang true to me. When I recently suggested we do a fun pedagogy-related professional development workshop, the response I got was a resounding "NO" along with "don't you think we do a good job already?!" comments. When I talk about evidence-based teaching and gathering data to find out what really works the response is also not positive :( There are a few faculty here who are interested in changing/adapting their teaching to be more active, but most do not. I'm hopeful that one thing we get out of the research residency is that we can clearly demonstrate to colleagues the value of this type of research.
Posted 11:06, 24 Jun 2015
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