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2015 Research Cohort

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Meet the Faculty Facilitators!

Click on the names below to watch short video introductions by each of the facilitators.

Loretta Brancaccio-Taras, Kingsborough Community College CUNY
Stephanie Gardner, Purdue University
Nitya Jacob
Oxford College/Emory University
Cynthia Miller
, University of Louisville
Miriam Segura-Totten, University of North Georgia



Amy Chang, Kelly Gull, and Kari Wester


Program Website and Contact Information:


Research Scholars:

Ana Maria Barral.jpgAna Maria Barral
National University

Research Q: How do active learning approaches in the context of a flipped Majors general biology class help students to apply basic biological concepts?

Kim Bjorgo-Thorne.jpgKimberly Bjorgo-Thorne
West Virginia Wesleyan College

Research Q: Will students’ misconceptions about the environment change as a result of taking an environmental science course?

Jennifer Brigati.jpgJennifer Brigati
Maryville College

Research Q: Do students exposed to active learning in their first college-level biology course have different attitudes toward active learning than students who are not exposed to active learning in a biology course until their second or subsequent semester?

Natalia Caporale.jpgNatalia Caporale
San Francisco State University

Research Q: Can a reflective intervention increase metacognitive knowledge in different student populations in the biology classroom?


Benjamin Clegg.jpgBenjamin Clegg
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Q: Does the use of web-enabled student response systems on personally owned devices impact student engagement in class activities compared to paper-based submissions of student work?

Pratima Darr.jpgPratima Darr
Georgia Gwinnett College

Research Q: Is there a correlation between student mindsets (fixed versus growth) and their attitude towards active learning in a non-majors biology class?


David Gondek.jpgDavid Gondek
Ithaca College

Research Q: For students with poor math placement scores, can a “Low stakes” Freshman Bio seminar and delayed entrance to major improve performance in Bio 1?

Marisa Isaacson.jpgMarisa Isaacson
Pace University-NYC

Research Q: Does a focused primary literature review increase students’ ability to develop an original research question and hypothesis?


Samantha Parks.jpgSamantha Parks
Georgia State University

Research Q: Does the use of case studies increase student knowledge and application of core concepts in Cell and Molecular Biology?


Tracy Ruscetti.jpgTracy Ruscetti
Santa Clara University

Research Q: Which measures of quantitative reasoning (QR) are early predictors of success in my course?

Jessica Santangelo.jpgJessica Santangelo
Hofstra University

Research Q: Are student grades in the first course related to initial metacognitive awareness and regulation skills?

Ilse Silva-Krott.jpgIlse Silva-Krott
Northern Virginia Community College

Research Q: - Does  instructor engagement in online classes contribute significantly to student success in A&P lab courses? - Which type of feedback (acknowledgement or informational), and participation (socratic, administrative or social) will result in improved student outcomes? - Should the instructor focus on feedback to assignments or participation in discussion to create a supportive online learning environment for students?

Amanda Simons.jpgAmanda Simons
Framingham State University

Research Q: Will offering students multiple tries on low-stakes assessments improve student perception of learning gains and mastery of learning objectives?


Tatiana Tatum Parker.jpgTatiana Tatum Parker
Saint Xavier University

Research Q: Does having genetics students design and run a guided experiment (Giles et al, 1968) increase scientific literacy?


Claire Trottier.jpgClaire Trottier
McGill University

Research Q: Do the activities in a guided CURE lead to gains in experimental design skills?

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