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2. Post-Institute Assignments

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This page will be used to post assignments due during your year in Residency, and any resources that the leaders feel are important. Please feel free to add any resources that you come across that you think will assist your fellow participants. In the left-hand navigation bar, underneath this Post-Institute page, are pages for each Team. You will use those pages to post your assignment responses and provide feedback to your team. 

Timeline for 2014-2015 Research Yearlong Residency





August 29

Topical Webinar & Wiki post

Working with qualitative data

September 29

Wiki check-in w/ team

Report out on project updates, seek feedback

October 31

Introduction to disseminating your work

Research ASMCUE poster submission process

November 17

Wiki check-in w/team

Report out on project updates, seek feedback

December 15

Literature activity

Placing work in context of the literature – update your annotated bibliography


January 19

Video & Wiki post

Explore video resources from iBiology

February 2

ASMCUE abstract deadline


February 16

ASMCUE travel grant



ASMCUE microbrew deadline



ASMCUE registration


May 4

Pre-Capstone Assignment

Project changes reported to the group

May 28

Capstone, Required

Present progress from year in residency

May 28-31

ASMCUE, Location TBA



Consider submitting your project to JMBE



2014-2015 Residency Assignments

Assignment #1 - Due August 29:

The post-institute survey indicated that many of you would like more help with statistics. Please watch the tutorial “Managing your data” led by Michèle Shuster, New Mexico State University and previous Research Residency Facilitator, then respond to the prompts below. This tutorial is designed to discuss:

  • What data needs to be collected
  • Confidential vs. anonymous data
  • Overview of how to collect, score, and record quantitative data
  • Absolute vs. normalized gains
  • Likert data vs. pre/post test data
  • Rubrics and coding
  • How to turn your data into an abstract

1. Watch the tutorial: “Managing your data” (approx. 44 minutes of presentation and 7 minutes of Q&A).

2. Discuss what information you learned and what questions you have about managing your data. Post your comments and questions by locating your team in the left-hand navigation bar (under the "2. Post-Institute Assignments" tab) and follow the instructions there.

If you would like to review the slides from the presentation, click here or download the PPT attached below.


Assignment #2 - Due September 29:

Part I:  Using the left-hand navigation bar, review each team's responses and questions about the "Managing Your Data" tutorial. Was their experience similar or different to your own? What information and resources can you share with each other? Provide feedback for at least 2 Scholars who are not on your team. Post your feedback by using the "Add Comment" feature.

Part II:  Tell your team what progress you have made since the institute. What roadblocks have you encountered and what have you learned? Have you found any resources particularly helpful? Now that you are immersed in your teaching responsibilities, what enhancements, revisions, or help do you need to keep your project on track?  To post your response, locate your team in the left-hand navigation bar (under the "2. Post-Institute Assignments" tab) and follow the instructions there.


Assignment #3 - Due October 31:

Remember that in your application, you agreed to present a Biology Scholars-related project at the ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators (ASMCUE) or another professional society by September 2015. Whether you are planning to present at ASMCUE or another professional society meeting, we encourage you to research the poster submission process by visiting the ASMCUE website: There are a number of resources on these pages that will help you submit a successful poster now and in the future, including the abstract guidelines, abstract review rubric, presentation guidelines (including tips on how to design an eye-catching poster), and examples of previously accepted abstracts. You should address any questions about the poster submission process to


Assignment #4 - Due November 17:

Your fourth assignment asks that you update your team on your progress since the September check-in. Have you accomplished what you intended? If so, what? If not, what difficulties have you encountered? What questions do you have for your team and/or facilitators? To post your update, locate your team in the left-hand navigation bar (under the "2. Post-Institute Assignments" tab) and follow the instructions there.


Assignment #5 - Due December 15:

Placing your work in the context of the literature is an important step in the research process. One of your pre-institute assignments had you create an annotated bibliography to help with this. With the publication of new research and the modification of your projects over the last four months, we ask that you update your annotated bibliography and find at least two new references that are directly related to your project. 

  1. Navigate to your Scholar Page under "2014 Scholar Pages" ( and locate your "Bibliography" page. Once there, review your list of references and annotations. What references are no longer relevant to your project? What annotations should be modified? Using the "Edit Page" button, make the necessary changes to your annotated bibliography.
  2. Find at least two additional references that are directly related to your project. Remember that you can use Google Scholar ( and ERIC ( to locate peer-reviewed literature on education research.
  3. Format your references in APA style (
  4. Annotate your new references by explaining how each is useful for your project.
  5. Make sure to post the new references and associated annotations to your "Bibliography" page.


Assignment  #6 - Due January 19:

Your sixth post-institute assignment is to explore video resources available from iBiology. Choose one of the videos to watch: Then, locate your team's page in the left-hand navigation bar (under the "2. Post-Institute Assignments" tab) and post a few sentences about the video you watched, what you learned, what you liked, etc. Are there any additional video resources you would suggest for your team?


Assignment #7 - Due January 28:

As per your letter of commitment, you are required to present your scholarly work at the ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators (ASMCUE; or another professional society meeting by September 2015. The ASMCUE will be held May 28th-31st, 2015 at the Renaissance Austin Hotel, just after the conclusion of the mandatory Biology Scholars Capstone event. Abstracts submissions are welcome for poster presentations and microbrew sessions. Your seventh homework assignment is to watch two webinars on how to submit abstracts for ASMCUE's poster presentations and microbrew sessions. We hope these highly informative webinars will be useful in providing tips on how to go about sharing your scholarly work now and in the future. Click on the following link and watch the two abstract “How to” webinars by Wednesday, January 28th: If you would like feedback for the abstract that you are preparing to submit, you are welcome to share it with the listserv or directly with one of your team members.

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