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Chapman University IRB Protocol Submission Process

Research projects that include the participation of human subjects are required to submit to the IRB for approval. This process is summarized in the Submission Procedure Flowchart (PDF) (please see the attached file).

The first step in submitting an IRB protocol application is to determine whether your research falls under one of three OHRP Categories: Exempt, Expedited, or Full Committee Review. Definitions of each category can be found below. If you are unsure of which category your research falls into, contact the IRB for clarification before completing any of the application forms. The Committee may elect to move your research into another category following review of the protocol.

Once you have completed the appropriate application form and obtained the required signatures, submit the application via email to with any supplemental materials* for review (and revision if necessary).

*Supplemental materials include but are not limited to: Consent/Assent forms, Surveys/Questionnaires, Interview questions, recruitment advertisements, HIPAA authorization or waivers of authorization, Certification of Human Subjects Protection training, etc.

Please do not submit scanned or copied applications.  All applications must be submitted in their original form to the mailbox.  Signature pages only may be submitted separately as may be required to obtain all signatures.

Do not submit multiple applications in a single email.  Please send individual applications separately. 

Once received electronically by the IRB, the review time will vary based on the type of application submitted.


Within 3-4 weeks of submission, process should be completed.

(Includes Course-Related)

Within 2-3 weeks of submission, process should be completed.


Note: I spoke with the director of the IRB office and she told me that it looks like this project will require expedited review because of the type of data that will be collected (scores from tests, etc).  I am attaching both the expedited and expempt applications. 

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Interesting. I don't know why using exam data would make your project require expedited review.
Posted 19:27, 23 Jul 2014
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