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We have a medical campus (SOM) and a general campus (Main campus) here at UNM. As a result we also have two offices dealing with the IRB process. Where submit depends on where the PI is affiliated. In my case SOM the Health Sciences Center Human Protections Office,  even if the students involved are not at the School of Medicine yet.

UNM HRRC/IRB is an electronic process. My contact person is in the HRRC office is Anne Marie Mal and I have established contact.


  • need to be  tenure track or LAT on main or
  •  need to complete online  training for the e-environment and training in human subject research  (CITI, HRP  good for 2 years- mine is good until June 12 , 2014 )


  • Average time to get approval for an SOM proposal :  44 business days for full, 22d for expedited and 14 days for exempt
  • Yearly notice of continuation
  • Need must submit tools (including surveys)
  •  There are no submission deadlines, submission can be at any time
  • All the forms are
  • all is done online, the foavailable here: have atttached  the guidelines and the template form
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Good to hear you have completed the training and have contacted your IRB office. The application seems a bit long. Is Ann Marie willing to look over your application before you submit it? (just to make sure once it is submitted it will definitely be approved.)
Posted 14:31, 14 Jul 2013
Yes anne marie is very supportive- Yeah!
Posted 11:51, 18 Jul 2013
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