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Post-Institute Assignments

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This page will be used to post assignments due during your year in Residency, and any resources that the leaders feel are important. Please feel free to add any resources that you come across that you think will assist your fellow participants.

 Timeline for Yearlong Research Residency





September 22

Listserv check-in

Project update reported to the group

October 31

Introduction to disseminating your work

Research ASMCUE poster submission process


Topical Webinar

Working with qualitative data

December 1

JMBE submission deadline


December 15-19

ASCB annual meeting, CA



January 14

Topical webinar

Learning to prepare an abstract for ASMCUE

February 1

ASMCUE abstract deadline


February 8

ASMCUE travel grant


February 13

Listserv check-in

Project update reported to the group

February 15

ASMCUE microbrew deadline


February 22

EB early registration deadline


March 4

SABER proposal deadline (400 words max)



ASMCUE registration


April 1

Pre-Capstone Assignment

Project changes reported to the group

April 20-24

Experimental Biology annual meeting, MA


May 16

Required Capstone, CO

Complete year-in-residency

May 16-19

ASMCUE annual meeting, CO


July 1

JMBE submission deadline


July 11-14

SABER annual meeting, MN



2012-2013 Residency Assignments

Assignment #1 - Due September 22:

In 50 words or less, please share with the 2012 listserv what you have been doing since leaving the Institute. Have you accomplished what you intended? If so, what? What difficulties have you encountered? If you have any questions, please share those as well.


Assignment #2 - Due October 31:

Whether you are planning to present at ASMCUE or another professional society meeting, please research the ASMCUE poster submission process by visiting the website:  There are a number of resources on these pages that will help you submit a successful poster now and in the future. Make sure to use the left-hand navigation bar to review the abstract guidelines, abstract review rubric, presentation guidelines (including tips on how to design a eye-catching poster), and frequently asked questions. You should address any questions about the poster submission process to


Assignment #3 - November 16:

We have planned a one-hour webinar tutorial on working with data for Friday, November 16th at 12:00pm EST. The webinar will be led by Michèle Shuster, New Mexico State University and Research Residency Facilitator. The webinar will be hosted through Adobe Connect and will require an internet connection, a web browser, Adobe Flash Player Version 10.1 or greater, and working computer speakers. More information will be available via the listserv closer to the webinar date.


Assignment #4 - December 7:

Now that you have attended the webinar “Managing your data” hosted by Michèle Shuster, New Mexico State University and Research Residency Facilitator, please complete the post-webinar survey.

Post-Webinar Survey

We need your feedback on the format of this training, how informative you found the content to be, and what ideas you have for future training events. Please use the following SurveyMonkey link to take a brief 8 question survey that will help us improve the experience for future attendees:

For those who did not attend the webinar on Friday, please watch the recorded version: and then complete the assignment above.

For those of you who wanted the slides from the presentation, click here or download the PPT attached below.


Assignment #5 - January 2013:

As you remember, you are required to present a poster at ASMCUE and our webinar will help train you by providing the requirements, examples, and tips for a successful submission. You are REQUIRED to view the abstract webinar session, but we invite you view microbrew webinar session if you have the time. The webinars are hosted through Adobe Connect and require an internet connection, a web browser, Adobe Flash Player Version 10.1 or greater, and working computer speakers. To access the recordings, click the links below. For those of you who would like the slides from the presentation, download the appropriate PPT attachment below.

ASMCUE Microbrew Submission Webinar, Hosted by: Jennifer Herzog, 2013 Microbrew Review Chair
Learn more about Microbrews:

ASMCUE Poster Abstract Submission Webinar, Hosted by: Min-Ken Liao, 2012 Abstract Review Chair
Learn more about Abstracts:

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