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1.  Clement, J., D. E. Brown, and A. Zietman. 1989. Not all preconceptions are misconceptions: finding “anchoring conceptions” for grounding instruction on students’ intuitions. Int. J. Sci. Educ. 11:554–565.  

The article describes how correct student preconceptions may be used as anchoring concepts; these are potentially useful for instruction.  Students are more receptive to new information if it makes sense to them from the beginning.  However if these anchors are “brittle” it is more difficult for students to extend them to learning new information. 


2.  Gregory, Chow Kheong K. (2008) An investigation into microbiology students’ understanding of microbes. Masters thesis, Durham University. 

In this thesis dissertation project several key misconceptions that students had in microbiology courses were evaluated.  Misconceptions associated with pathogenesis, growth/binary fission and aerobic respiration were uncovered. 


3.  Klymkowsky, M. W., and K. Garvin-Doxas. 2008. Recognizing student misconceptions through Ed’s Tools and the biology concept inventory. PLoS Biol. 6:0014-0017e3. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0060003. 

This article describes the use of a software system, Ed’s Tools, to reveal students’ thinking on a given subject area including misconceptions and prior conceptions.   Application of this software to conceptual problems in the area of molecular biology and evolutionary biology were examined. 


4.  Knight, J. K. (2010) Biology concept assessment tools: design and use. Microbiology Australia, March 1-8. 

This review summarizes approaches used to develop assessment tools to permit instructors to evaluate student learning.  Ways to effective use concept inventories are discussed. 


5.  Marbach-Ad, G., Briken, V., El-Sayad, N. M., Frauwirth, K., Fredericksen, B., Hutcheson, S. Gao, L-Y, Joseph, S., Lee, V. T., McIver, K. S., Mosser, D., Quimby, B. B., Shields, P., Song, W., Stein, D. C., Yuan, R. T. and Smith, A. C. (2009) Assessing student understanding of host pathogen interactions using a concept inventory. Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education, volume, page numbers. 

A concept inventory was developed to test the knowledge of students ‘pre and post eight different microbiology courses.  Information gathered was used to assess student learning in individual courses as well as across the curriculum.   

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