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  1. 1. Institutional Review Board

From the Beloit College IRB page:

(Note that the Beloit College Biology Department already has on file a blanket IRB for conducting classroom research in which data from assignments and assessments may be gathered, analyzed, and publicized)

Institutional Review Board

Schedules and Policies

The IRB reviews proposals for research involving human participants on campus. If you will be conducting such research please review the Beloit College IRB Procedures.

The Review Process
Proposals submitted to the IRB will likely be of two varieties, those that require standard review and those that require expedited review. Proposals requiring standard review will need to be evaluated by the entire committee that usually meets once a month. Expedited review requires only the evaluation of the chair of the IRB, and as a result, is often completed more quickly. If you are not sure how to characterize your proposal please select the appropriate links above, or contact the chair of the IRB.

Submitting Proposals
The committee requires that proposals be submitted using the on-line submittal form. Most proposals will require an acknowledgement and consent form. Please use the standard form provided here.

Submit proposals for standard review at least one month prior to the meeting time. Proposals submitted for expedited review should allow up to two months of processing time.

Summer Research
The IRB does not meet formally during the summer. This means that if you plan to conduct summer research involving human participants you should plan to have your proposals ready for review for the last meeting in May. This is especially true for proposals requiring standard review. Proposals requiring expedited review are more easily reviewed during the summer. However, be sure to allow additional time for review, considering many faculty members travel during the summer.


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Is there any online training required prior to submitting an IRB application?
Although your department has a blanket IRB, I would consult your IRB chair to find out specifically what this actually covers and the time frame this blanket IRB is in effect.
Posted 10:37, 18 Jul 2012
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