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Hello 2011 Research Scholars:

Below you will find your fifth and final assignment – a reading list of three journal articles from the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) and one from CBE-Life Sciences Education, which should be completed before arriving at the institute on July 13th. Please note that this assignment will direct you to the JMBE website ( If you do not already have an account for JMBE, you will need to register in order to view the full articles. There is no cost for registering.



DUE: On Site

1. Download the following 3 articles. Please bring copies to the Institute. Before arriving, please read the abstract and introduction for each and then identify the learning problem and the research question for each paper. Think about the alignment between the problem and the question – does the question address the whole learning problem or part of the learning problem? We will continue working with these papers during the institute.

• Marbach-Ad, Assess student understanding of host pathogen interactions using a concept inventory. JMBE, May 2009, 43-50. (

• Wagner, The Lichen-GIS Project, teaching students how to use bioindicator species to assess environmental quality. JMBE, May 2009, 9-18. (  

• Drew & Triplett. Whole Genome Sequencing in the Undergraduate Classroom: Outcomes and Lessons from a Pilot Course. JMBE May 2008, 3-11. (  


2. Read the article below and be prepared to discuss it at the Institute.

• Sundberg, MD. Assessing Student Learning, Cell Education. 1:11-15, Spring Summer 2002. This article can be downloaded at: (  

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