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 Below is a short “syllabus” describing the pre-institute assignments and due dates. Click on the links to see the instructions for each assignment.

 2011-2012 Research Scholars –Pre-Institute Assignments 

Assignment 1: Introductions 

Send date: May 3 

Due date: May 17 

Introduce yourself to the facilitators and Scholars. 


Assignment 2: Reading List and Reflections    

Send date: May 25

Due date: June 6

Read several short SoTL articles and reflect upon how they directly relate to your research question. 


Assignment 3: Introduction to the Wiki and IRB Investigation   

Send date: June 8

Due date: June 23 & June 30 

Add your assigned information to your wiki page to familiarize yourself with how to use the wiki. Investigate your institution’s IRB policies. 


Assignment 4: Annotated Bibliography   

Send date: June 23

Due date: July 7 

Identify published resources directly related to your research question. 


Assignment 5: Journal Club

Send date: June 29 

Due date: July 13 (on-site at Institute) 

Read in advance several journal articles and be prepared to discuss at the Institute. 


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