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Pre-Capstone Assignment, due 5/29

To prepare you for the conversations on site and to get you thinking about next steps, please post the following items to the listserv ( by 5pm EST on Tuesday, May 29th:

-An abstract of your biology education research journey thus far (one page)
-One figure and its legend, which should include brief data analysis that aligns with your research question
-A list of 1-2 references that have informed your work in biology education research

When you post, please feel free to share any project developments since the Abstract Webinar in January.

As a reminder, the Capstone for the 2011 Research Residency cohort will be on Thursday, June 14th from 10am to 4pm at the San Mateo Marriott.


Post-Institute Timeline

Please see the timeline below for assignments due during the remainder of the Residency.


Timeline for BSP Yearlong Residency

Date                                    Activity                                                Purpose

November 18                      Check-in                                         Project update reported

November 30                      Topical webinar                              Working with qualitative data

December 1                        JMBE Deadline                            

January                              Check-in                                         Changes planned; Abstract preparation

Early January                      Topical webinar                              Preparing an abstract for ASMCUE (Min-Ken Liao)

February 1                          ASMCUE abstract deadline

February 10                        ASMCUE travel grant

February 15                        ASMCUE microbrew deadline

March                                 ASMCUE early bird registration

April                                   ASMCUE final registration

April                                   Check-in                                         Changes reported

June 14                               Capstone

June 14-15                          Focus Groups                                  Formative/summative evaluation

June 14-17                          ASMCUE

June                                   Summative evaluation                      Summative evaluation

July 1                                 JMBE Deadline

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