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Below is the agenda for the 2012 BSP Capstone planned on Thursday, June 14, 10 am – 4 pm in room Connect 6 at the San Mateo Marriott in California. 


Progress Over The Previous 12 Months:  IRBs, Alignment of Research and Data, Data Analysis (small groups) – Loretta Taras


Case Studies 1 and 2

Data Analysis and Alignment - Laura Regassa

Going Public - Samantha Elliott

In this session, Scholars will hear from peers about their journey into SoTL – aligning their research question and data collection/analysis and publishing their work. 




Case Study 3

Data Analysis and Alignment - Jodie Krontiris-Litowitz


Communicating Value and Convincing Colleagues About SoTL – Loretta Taras

In this session Scholars will prepare an “elevator” talk about communicating value in SOTL; Scholars will align their response to their institutional goals


BSP Alumni join group


Leadership and Closure – Amy Chang

Learning Goal: in this session Scholars will learn about their new role as BSP ambassadors working with professional societies.  Scholars will work with others from similar societies to plan future societal activities. 



1- Please use the orange "attach file or image" button below to post:

-An abstract of your biology education research journey thus far (one page)

-One figure and its legend, which should include brief data analysis that aligns with your research question

-A list of 1-2 references that have informed your work in biology education research


Make sure to click "Action"->"Edit Description" and include your full name.


2- In preparation of the Capstone, please:

 •  - Read and bring a copy of your institution’s mission statement.  

     - Download, print and review four articles that will be mentioned and/or discussed during the Capstone.

o    Regassa, L. et al. Student Learning in a Project-Based Molecular Biology Course,  Journal of College Science Teaching (Jul/Aug 2009)
o    Elliott, S. Efficacy of Role Playing in Concert with Lecture to Enhance Student Learning of Immunology, Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education (Dec 2010)
o    Krontiris-Litowitz, J.  Articulating Scientific Reasoning Improves Student Learning in an Undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology Course, Cell Biology Education – Life Science Education (Summer 2009)
o    Jankowski, N. Juniata College: Faculty Led Assessment in National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (July 2011)


To facilitate networking and early conversations/discussions amongst the BSP Community, a list of Scholars planning to attend the 2012 ASMCUE is available.  Plan early to share your work and support others. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions:

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