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Project Update 11/18/11

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1-  How has the IRB process gone?  I received IRB approval for the project and exempt status on September 27, 2011.  I am allowed to use four years of previously collected data from genetics for my research!
2-  One major accomplishment you have made.  Without IRB approval, I went ahead and did the pre-test as I had done in previous years.  I got that data scanned, into excel, and % correct calculated.  I have looked at the data almost every week as I think about lecture and lab, trying to keep where the students started this semester fresh in my mind. 
3-  One major obstacle you have encountered.  Time to work on the project!  I even scheduled 9 am - 12 noon Fridays for 'research.'  Even with cutting back on committee work, it has been much more difficult to find time to devote to reading the literature and getting the last few years worth of data ready to go.
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