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Greetings!  I am currently in possession of a hard copy of the IRB Handbook for Columbia College.  Unfortunately, the only digital version that anyone here can find is an image-based PDF file that is 38 pages long.  Here it is:


As far as it relates to my goals for the research residency, the news appears to be good.  The type of research that I am planning not only meets the benchmark for "minimal risk," but is also exempted from IRB review because it qualifies as "research on the effectiveness of or the comparison among instructional techniques, curricula, or classroom management methods" (pg. 8).  As such, this project requires no approval beyond the level of the academic division.  Did I mention that I was the Division Head of Business, Mathematics and Sciences?  I will check to see if any additional approval is required to avoid conflict of interest.

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Is the research exempt from review or under exempt status according to the federal regulations?
Posted 15:14, 13 Jul 2011
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