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University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN

Associate Professor                                                                                                                                              
Dept of Animal Science, Physiology & Growth Division
495 Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine Building
1988 Fitch Ave
St Paul, MN 55108
OFF: 612-624-6274; LAB: 612-624-1278; FAX: 612-625-274

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I like that you incorporate bioethics into the course. It's easier for students to understand hormones if they can relate the function to real life situations, for example, how test tube babies come by.
Posted 13:42, 15 Jul 2011
Your argument that this is significant is strong. How will you provide rigorous assessment to these case studies? What will be different than what others have done, those that you indicated were lacking appropriate assessment? Do you have these cases or will you develop de novo, if the later this will take significant time to generate high quality cases (though time well spent!).
Posted 15:10, 15 Jul 2011
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