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Project Upate 12.1.2011

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IRB update:

The IRB process at South Dakota State University was quick and smooth; though it helps when you are informed and prepared! I had all of my forms in order and it went through without any questions or delay.
Accomplishments update:
After the SoTL Institute, I reframed my project. My research question is: “Does spending time on teaching metacognitive skills and/or active reading strategies improve student success, performance, and attitudes about biology?”
I used the two sections (~80 students each) of our First Year Seminar course to teach reading skills (SQ3R, and identifying topics). In one of the two of the sections, I also introduced them to metacognition. Embedded in this one section's assignments were reflections of what tools they were using and an assessments as to whether or not they felt they were beneficial.  I have the assignments as well as exam performance to determine the effectiveness of these activities.
I also conducted a pre- and post survey of metacognitive awareness reading skills inventory  as well as attitudes towards biology. Through these surveys, I hope to be able to see progression in awareness and attitude.
Setbacks update:
I haven't really encountered any obstacles yet. The way I set up my study allows me to analyze the data over the semester break. The biggest thing on my mind is how to design next semester's study.  Since I will not have the data until January, it will be a little of a rush to set up the next steps. Since I am aware of this timing issue, I believe I will be able to adapt.
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