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How has the IRB process gone?

My IRB has been approved without much difficulty.  When I left D.C., I had a pretty good start on the form - the input from everyone at the conference helped smoothe out the sections where I had struggled a bit previously, so thanks all!


One major accomplishment you have made.

On December 13th, I’ll be done collecting data for my control semester, which represents the ‘common’ instructional delivery model of class time being used primarily for instructor-based lectures and a small percentage of class time devoted to peer-led group activities using problem-based learning (PBL) activities.  Next term, the instructional model for class time will be primarily driven by student-centered learning with lectures being delivered by podcasts so that instructional time can focus on helping the students think through the activities and providing real-time feedback to students on the PBL activities rather than a post-mortem assessment type feedback.


One major obstacle you have encountered.

Time is the enemy.  I’ve spent a great deal of time developing some new PBL, re-tooling old PBL activities I’ve created, and reviewing other existing PBL activities available for incorporation into my course.  I’m feeling creatively drained and exhausted mentally, but I’m looking forward to next term, as most of the time-consuming bits of the experimental implementation will have already been completed. 

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Hi Wendy,

I am so impressed that you have all your PBL resources in place for next semester! I understand why you are exhausted, but think how great it will be to have everything in place for the spring semester. I will look forward to hearing about the comparative data between the two semesters.

-Michele S.
Posted 16:53, 28 Nov 2011
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