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204 Biological Sciences, Dept. Microbiology

University of Georgia, Athens GA 30602

706 542-2622 (office)

706 542-2674 (fax)

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338.62 kB13:27, 15 Jul 2011cpribbenowActions
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Hi Wendy,
Here is an article about using podcasts in HE. Not sure it's valuable, but it seemed as if it could be.
Good luck!
Posted 13:28, 15 Jul 2011
You presented 3 important problems. Do these need to be narrowed? It was not clear to me how you are going to “work” with students, is it all peer-peer interactions working on activities? This would appear highly dependent on the quality of your team activities, are this currently developed?
Posted 15:08, 15 Jul 2011
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