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1 -  How has the IRB process gone?

I received IRB approval on October 7 for the period from September 2011 through September 2014.  My proposal made it through under the Exempt status. 


2 -  One major accomplishment you have made.

I am making progress on my research project.  Students signed consent forms on October 13, 2011 and completed a 'pretest' assessment on the same day.  Since then, they have completed two in class collaborative exercises (November 3 & 15).  I expect to do one more in class practice exercise after Thanksgiving break and plan to have a 'post-test' assignment embedded in their final exam on December 15. 


3 -  One major obstacle you have encountered.

I am not sure whether grading these assignments should happen now or after the end of the semester.  I would hope that starting my data analysis wouldn't influence the difficulty of their next practice exercise and/or the embedded assessment in their final.

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Hi Laurie,

Sounds like you are making great progress! Congrats.

When I do embedded assessments, I usually "grade" them to assign a class grade, based on some kind of grading rubric appropriate for the class. But, BEFORE I grade them, i keep "clean" copies (if you are grading hard copies, I photocopy them, if electronic, I do a "save as" to keep clean ones) and just save those. Then after the class is over and its not about grades anymore, I go back in with my "research rubric" and do scoring based on my research question. And at that point I am often looking for different things, and with a different lens (and that is why I try to distinguish grading from scoring). So a piece of student work may have received a decent grade, but when I go back with the research lens, I am often looking for stuff that maybe wasn't even explicitly in the instructions for the assignment or exam question- so I can score for that, but wouldn't have graded on that). Hope this makes sense.

Have fun looking at the research data!

-Michele S.
Posted 15:46, 28 Nov 2011
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