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1-  How has the IRB process gone?

I am still in the process of submitting mine.  My project won't start until next semester, so the proposal got bumped to the end of my to-do list!  I have just completed the entire proposal and will submit the proposal this week.  The committee typically has a 1-week turnaround time.

Update 12/5/11:  I just received IRB approval, so I am ready to roll for spring!

2-  One major accomplishment you have made.

I think the major accomplishment I have made is completing my IRB proposal.  One of the sticking points for me was to come up with a student reflection assignment to include in the proposal.  I want to have students reflect on their learning, since I am comparing two different types of assignments and how they affect the students' abilities to learn the material.  I found a sample of this type of assignment in the book Classroom Research by Cross and Steadman (I highly recommend it). 

3-  One major obstacle you have encountered.

The major obstacle I encountered is really related to question 2:  trying to develop a student reflection assignment.  The other obstacle is just finding the time to devote to this project and juggling my other research commitments.

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Hi Anne,

Congratulations on finding/developing the reflection assignment, and on getting the IRB proposal (almost) submitted. It is great to have an IRB with such a fast turn-around time. So it sounds like you will be able to hit the ground running in the spring semester. I will look forward to hearing more about it then.

Posted 16:27, 28 Nov 2011
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