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Mailing address:

Dr Susan Rowland


UQ, St Lucia, 4072



My most significant achievement: 

Learning something more concrete about how to plan, execute, assess, and publish an education research project. I published a SoTL paper this year!! I feel "valid" and my head of school is happy :-)



TIme. Always time. I have found a way around it, just for the next semester. I am a UQ teaching fellow, next semester, and this gives me money to buy out my teaching (go figure). I think it's important to not try and take on too many things at once, and only work with people who want to work on T&L stuff. Don't try and drag someone screaming into T&L research because you think they are a bad teacher and they could do with improvement. That's supposed to be my job at UQ, but I think softly softly is a better approach. 


Resources and references:

1) Pat Hutchings paper on the taxonomy of research projects has been really helpful. I always give it to people who come and ask me about T&L research. Once they read it, they have a better idea of what's possible in the field and how they should be addressing their research project (and forming their research question).

2) Deadlines imposed by the scholars program keep me motivated. Knowing that there are a group of us scholars who are all struggling with the same issues also helps a lot.

3) Being able to tell people that you are an ASM Biology Scholar. Their ears prick up and they want to help you or get involved with what you are doing! Thanks for your great name ASM!

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