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December Assignment

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Iglika's update:

  • Since we're on a quarter system at U of C, I have now collected my first set of data for my *very* preliminary study, that I hope to start analyzing next week. I have lots of decisions to make and lots of things to think about in regard to my study - and I am doing another run in winter quarter, which starts in 2 weeks.
  • I am making a few changes in Winter quarter, so I have to decide how to do it so it is best for my students AND for my study. I've definitely had a few tensions in this respect. One thing I am hoping to add is a couple of short essays at the very start of the quarter, first week, in addition to my pre-survey. This is good for the students, and I think will enhance my study as well, as I will have them do those same/similar essays at the end as well (I only did end-of-class this quarter; in addition to reflections on particular topics throughout the quarter).
  • Another big decision is whether to have one of my 2 sections serve as a control group. Thanks to my colleagues and Alix for their feedback!


Kathleen's update:


Anne's update:

  •  Back in November, the IRB got approved and since then I do not have much to update since my research will be commencing in January.  I am excited about it.
  • On a different note, I am also doing another project (research in teaching:-) in tandom with this project, and the presentation proposal got accepted to be presented at the 2010 TRU Teaching Practices Colloquium on Feb 5, 2010.  The workshop title will be on "A real life court case in a science classroom: Murdered by HIV"


Jim's update:

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