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November Assignments

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This is an easy report assignment DUE November 1. At the SoTL Institute (almost four months ago!) we talked about collaborating with others on your project. We mentioned working with librarians, statisticians, people in your psychology and education departments as well as undergraduate students and graduate students. What colleague(s)/student(s) have you talked to or worked with on your project?

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Hi all,

Hope you all are doing well. I am not! I am guaranteed at home since we are not sure whether I have H1N1 or not but I have had all the classic symptoms for it! But no big deal! I am cool with this since staying home is a responsible thing to do for others as well in this climate of a pandemic. Other than that, my spirit is high, my tenure application got a green light, yeh..hey..and now I just need to wait to get an official letter and I can move on with my work:-)

Dr. Nancy Flood, my co-author, and I completed the IRB application and submitted it last week, now we just wait to hear back and so keen to start our study in January. Gosh! time flies though... So I guess, I will just report the October assignment here as well since it is related. We have had our questions and survey ready for study. Nothing changed much from my initial idea presented in Washington. Nancy is a great addition to my study and research, she is very constructively critical and brings with her an editorial and biostat skill sets, so I have a high hope that things will go well but you never know.

Have got to go back to lay down....Talk soon:-)
Posted 14:38, 29 Oct 2009
Hello y'all,
My project is moving along pretty well - I have collected quite a bit of data, but I can already tell it is going to be tough to analyze. My semester has also been disrupted in unanticipated ways, and that has hampered some of the data collection. I spent a week at the Biosphere facility in Arizona with a group of high school students and then last week had jury duty. I missed class again today because of a funeral, so it has been very difficult to get the continuity I was hoping for.

I am lucky enough to have several other faculty in my department who have a similar interest in their teaching. With support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, our Learning Circle is looking at several issues in our introductory courses, and these are the faculty that I will tap into to help me with a focus group at the end of the semester.

Hopefully I will be able to get through the rest of the semester without further interuption.

I hope all is well with everyone.
Posted 20:24, 29 Oct 2009
Hello everyone!

Not much has changed from my October post (see below). A couple of people doing education research had some good ideas and were helpful brainstorming as I planned the experiment. I also consulted with a team we have working here at the University that does special projects related to technology use with suggestions for my electronic survey. I do want to work on finding students that are interested in the future.

From October:
I have had mixed success connecting with people who do educational research here. The people are friendly and want to be helpful, but way too busy. The good news is, even though we lack an Education Department, the Education Workshop is picking up speed and there will be several presentations (finally at a time that I can attend - they always held it when I had class).
Posted 11:00, 4 Nov 2009
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