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October Assignments

1. Update/ Revise Wiki site with your progress (I’ve created a tab under your team for this October Assignment Update). Reflect on “The Good, the bad and the ugly”. What is going well? What is problematic?  
2. Edit your individual Research Design section of the website with your findings and methodology. Has anything changed?


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My IRB was approved, and I collected consent forms from two separate biology classes. I've begun collecting data in the form of exams (individual and group) and pre-semester concept inventories. So far so good.
Posted 09:30, 2 Oct 2009
I also managed to get the IRB approval in time for classes - it was approved under exempt status. I have collected consent forms from two separate biology classes. For one class, the written work in class is part of the study. It was not hard to get the students to do the pre-Survey for that one - we did in class. For the other class, the pre-Survey is solely for the study, and I am having problems collecting answers.I am thinking of several possible solutions. This group is not critical for the initial study, but is helpful in understanding the self-selection that may happen (the course is required, but students have a choice).

Another piece of good news is that next quarter I will be able to teach 2 versions of the class, with and without the intervention, and the results from that will be interesting. The initial work from this quarter will help guide me.

I have had mixed success connecting with people who do educational research here. The people are friendly and want to be helpful, but way too busy. The good news is, even though we lack an Education Department, the Education Workshop is picking up speed and there will be several presentations (finally at a time that I can attend - they always held it when I had class).

-Iglika edited 13:28, 9 Oct 2009
Posted 13:21, 9 Oct 2009
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