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IRB process (September)

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Hello Kathleen, James, and Ann! Here is a separate page for us to share any updates on how we are proceeding with the IRB process - Iglika

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My institution, the U of Chicago, doesn't require a special training course. This week, I will contact our IRB people regardless of my readiness. Please help me keep my word! :-) - Iglika
Posted 14:37, 17 Aug 2009
Dear BS Team 5 : ),
I've read through my institution's IRB guidelines and have a rough draft of my IRB application and consent form. Since my institution is small and the IRB chair is just downstairs from me, I think it will be relatively easy to get informal feedback so that the final application should be approved.
Posted 16:29, 17 Aug 2009
Oh, lucky you! Did you find the language in the IRB guidelines confusing? Let us know about of what types of feedback you get or any specifics. - Iglika
Posted 16:44, 17 Aug 2009
this is a watch page test!
Posted 11:07, 18 Aug 2009
It turns out my institution has 3 separate IRBs. Since Monday, I have been trying to resolve which one can do my case. I am hoping to resolve this issue today. - Iglika
Posted 11:59, 19 Aug 2009
I am in the process of completing the IRB application and got in touch with the review committee chair, she is very helpful. The only thing now for me to complete this application is examples of questions in the questionnaire and I have talked to my colleagues, Dr. Flood, she is expert in biostat. And she is interested in doing this project with me....yeh! Will keep posted.
Posted 12:45, 20 Aug 2009
I"ve written up my IRB application and informed consent form and sent it to the chair of the IRB committee for comment. I should know next week if what I did was suitable. The IRB guidelines for my institution are brief and simple, so it was not confusing. I have been told the process is not fussy here, so with luck my draft versions will serve as the final application.
Posted 15:08, 20 Aug 2009
Congrats, Kathleen! And Ann - that's good news!
Ann, I am also trying to find someone who has more experience that can help me with the research design itself, the specifics of the assessments. I talked to my IRB staff contact in the Social & Behavioral Sciences IRB (I'm NOT going through the Biology IRB which deals more with clinical studies), and she was very helpful with the IRB part, but definitely will not be helping with the quality of the study itself. - Iglika
Posted 15:33, 21 Aug 2009
I received IRB approval (exemption actually, because it does not count as research from the IRB viewpoint), so I am ready to start collecting data next week in class.
Posted 20:24, 28 Aug 2009
Good for you, Jim:-)
Posted 12:38, 31 Aug 2009
Did the IRB not review your application or was it exempt status? IRBs use funny language. If they did not consider your project as research with human subjects, then you did not get IRB approval. However, it it was reviewed and determined to be of minimal risk to a nonvulnerable popultion, then you did get IRB approval under an exempt category. Just make sure you are good to go so you do not have an issue later.
Posted 08:36, 1 Sep 2009
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