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October- Good/Bad/Ugly

1. Update/ Revise Wiki site with your progress.  Reflect on “The Good, the bad and the ugly”. What is going well? What is problematic?  

2. Edit your individual Research Design section of the website with your findings and methodology. Has anything changed?

(Posted by Lianna 11 Oct. '09): My apologies to you all. Your team leader has been quite the slacker, but now I’m back from under the weight of a new semester.  

We need to catch up on some of the Biology Scholars Wiki assignments (better late than never). I'll update this page when we're caught up. In the mean time, here’s what I’d like for us to do when we can:

  1.  Team 4/ September page: Comment on how the IRB process went. Way to go Kristina for doing this on time!
  2. Individual pages update: As a part of the October assignment, please update your individual Research Design pages with any changes you may have made, or results you have collected so far.
  3. This page: “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”
    • Reflect on what’s going well, and what is more problematic about your project to date. Summarize your thoughts on this page (was due Oct. 1).
    • Read each other’s reflections, and then post your comments (due Oct. 15).

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly- post your updates below:


Lianna's Update: THE GOOD I got IRB approval in time for first-day-of-class assessments (BioCLASS, Biology Concept Assessment Survay, Study Process Questionnaire, and Open-ended Question Pre-test). I applied for and received an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow (UTF program through the Provost's office) for the course I am using for my project. She is an adult student interested in becoming a secondary education biology teacher. Unfortunately, she's very busy and we haven't had the chance do anything other than have her help with logistics, but she should be free from her job in a week or so. She is excited to help me organze/analyze the data I collected on the first day of class. I'll also have her work with me to Bloom exam questions, and to develop the SALG that I need to submit to the IRB for ammending to my proposal. The course seems to be going well. THE BAD This has been a very busy semester for me with a change in my role at the university and two couses wiht a lab to teach, both of which are new courses for me. I am probably trying too many things in the classroom/lab that are new for me, but when I get a chance to breathe, I'm really having fun. THE UGLY Not enough time in a day. :-)

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