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Karen - November 1st Assignment

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 I met with both a statistician and an instructional designer. I just reviewed my notes about what they suggested and noticed that there were a few things in there I needed to add to my project.

Here is what the statitician said about my pre/post questionnaire:


1. I had a choice E that initially said "I am unfamiliar with this terminology." The statistician suggested that I omit choice E and tell students to just leave item blank 

            This identifies misconceptions versus lack of knowledge 

2. Separate MCQ from short answer questions. 

3. Make sure they know the surveys do not affect their grade and it is anonymous. 

4. Rephrase  a question designed to get them to organize information in a way that would promote the formation of diagram---change directive from "arrange" to "order" or "indicate a relation between."

5. Change the analogy question to be open ended to see what their current understanding of cell signaling might look like and why.

I also met with an instructional designer who had the following suggestions


1. Tell them not to guess as that would not help me to know what their current understanding is.

2.Stick with concept map as a way to develop their skills with cell signaling. An analogy adds another layer of information processing

  3. Provide a table for them to complete associated with the first paper onterminology and the responses to the four questions about each"character." This becomes a study guide. 

 4. As part of concept map technique, in class provide practice with 3 elements that could be arranged alternatively (break into pairs) and ask about waysto organize these as a simple activity. 

 5. As part of paper assignment have students create concept map of normalsignaling network and indicate what went wrong in the disease or developmental process as a way to prepare them for the exam questions(application). 

 6. If I plan on a stepwise question (reasoning) on final give them practice with this type of             question in recitation. If not stick to the midterm type question.

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