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August Assignments

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Greetings fellow Team 3 Members!

On behalf of the team, I received a message from KaRyn with an updated version of the year-long assignment calendar.  Check it out at:  

Also, we have two assignments for this month.  The first assignment reminder was sent out by Kelly on August 11:

  • BSP Assignment B: Due Monday, Aug 3, 2009.  Description: Make sure you have tabs for the following Wiki pages and that you have posted some information to all of them: 1. Background, 2. Context & Problem (put your question here), 3. Research Design, 4. Bibliography, 5. Timeline.

We also have a second assignment for this month, and the deadline is very soon.  Here is the description:

  • BSP Assignment C: Due Saturday, Aug 15, 2009DescriptionWhat new references and tools have you found since the BSP? How are they useful for your project? Post to team page on wiki.  

Please share your thoughts related to the Assignment C questions in the space below.

-- Mary

Team Discussion area:


Hi all - This is Karen trying to stay up to date on the timeline and searching for articles for my cell signaling project using concept maps. Below are two references I am looking at now. I have my IRB approval and have met with an Instructional Designer and statistics faculty to facilitate the analysis of my project. Talking with these two faculty members was proabaly the most hepful thing toward moving my project along. I also located a graduate student who developed a good analogy for cell signaling (for another project) that she kindly agreed to present as part of a lecture on this topic.  Now I am trying to locate manageable articles for my students to read and I am fleshing out the lecture/ recitation on concept map construction. I am away from my office right now, but here are two references that I am using in my preparation.

Karen’s references for August assignment

Using Concepts maps

1. “How People Learn” Engineering , A Workshop on Designing Effective Instruction Building on an HPL framework to enhance  learning environments that  develop innovative engineers , Stacy S. Klein, Ph.D. , Vanderbilt University
Alene H. Harris, Ph.D. Vanderbilt University Director of Educational Programs of VaNTH ERC

2. Assessment
Beyond tests and quizzes: Creative Assessments in the College Classroom, Richard and Barbara Mezeske eds., Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2007.

Ron here. Because I am going to be using the VARK inventory, I have downloaded the inventory and information related to the inventory. I have also obtained an expert generated concept map from Bill Cliff that I am going to use to have my students compare with a knowledge map. Finally, I have talked with our IRB coordinator, completed IRB training and submitted a protocol.


Brinda's new references

1. Formative assessment and academic achievement in pre-graduate students of health sciences, Advances in Health Science Education, vol. 14, pp. 61-67, March 2009.

2. Formative computer-based assessment in higher education: the effectiveness of feedback in supporting student learning, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, vol. 34, pp. 181-192, April 2009.

3. Implementing concept-based learning in a large university classroom, Cell Biology Education, vol.7, pp. 243-253, Summer 2008.

All of these references emphasize the importance of *feedback* following formative assessments. This is helping me think about how I will use regular written in-class quizzes to improve students' metacognition, study skills, and ability to solve higher order Bloom's questions. I have also been working on my IRB package and have completed the NIH certification online. I will be meeting with my colleague Kimberly Tanner next week to discuss my proposed project.

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