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December Assignment

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My semester went really well in terms of my research.   I collected the post-surveys towards the end of December.  I will be analyzing the data in early January and I am thinking of possibly modifying some aspects of the project for my spring classes.



My semester went well in regards to the research, for the most part.  There were a total of 5 sections of BIOL 1101 this semester.  The initial plan was for my 2 sections to take daily quizzes, while the other 3 would not.  However, the instructor for the 5th section was new to this course and he decided at some point during the semester to give daily quizzes. I didn't find this out til after the fact, so I decided not to include his data in most of the analysis (except for a few surveys).  I will be analyzing the data in the SPring and hope to continue the daily quizzes in the spring semester. 

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