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This is an easy report assignment DUE November 1. At the SoTL Institute (almost four months ago!) we talked about collaborating with others on your project. We mentioned working with librarians, statisticians, people in your psychology and education departments as well as undergraduate students and graduate students. What colleague(s)/student(s) have you talked to or worked with on your project?

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Hello team!
My project continues to move along and I am collecting lots of data. My colleague who teaches the control group in my study has helped me tremendously. We have 5 undergraduate Biology students who have signed up with us for an Introduction to Research course this semester. They are helping us input the data from the surveys, study logs, etc into an electronic format and also create some graphs etc. We still need to find a statistician to help with the analyses. We also have 2 graduate students who have done a research rotation with us helping us with data and also literature searches. My colleague and I are going to use a piece of the data (from surveys and/or study logs) to submit an abstract for an oral presentation at a Lilly Conference in Greensboro NC in Feb. I am grateful to the students for all their help. They have made my work much easier.
Posted 11:45, 3 Nov 2009
A colleague in our Math Dept has agreed to help with the analysis of my data. Students will be completing midterm online surveys this week.
Posted 18:22, 3 Nov 2009
I have a good working relationship with two key statisticians in my College. They're always very willing to help with any project of mine or my students. Recently, I had a great dialogue with a couple of collegues with whom I serve on a university fairness committee. One colleague is the director of our faculty development (and a professor of math) and the other is the chair of the social work department. We're interested in collaborating on a project to establish learning inventories for our respective fields with the goal of being able to quantify learning outcomes and teaching effectiveness.

Sadly, I've had to nix the lab project I was originally going to do - long story. However, I have been doing lecture-based assessment of team-based learning. I still plan on doing the lab-based study in a different course in the winter.
Posted 13:55, 17 Nov 2009
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