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I am happy to report that I am through the IRB process and my project has been approved.
Posted 13:10, 1 Sep 2009
I submitted my IRB on Aug. 7th and I received a response on Aug. 12th. I am happy to report that my protocol was given exempt status and I was cleared for implementation. I have distributed and collected consent forms from all 5 sections of Gen. Bio I. We have also given motivation surveys and started collecting study logs. And I have started implementing the daily quizzes last MOnday.
Posted 17:44, 1 Sep 2009
It's great to see your institution really responds quickly to your research needs. You are moving along and it appears you are going to have lots of data to analyze.
Posted 17:03, 2 Sep 2009
How long did it take you to get approval? (I am always interested is how researchers at various institutions move through the IRB process.)
Posted 17:04, 2 Sep 2009
It took approximately one week.
Posted 20:15, 21 Sep 2009
Viewing 5 of 5 comments: view all
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