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November Assignments

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This is an easy report assignment DUE November 1. At the SoTL Institute (almost four months ago!) we talked about collaborating with others on your project. We mentioned working with librarians, statisticians, people in your psychology and education departments as well as undergraduate students and graduate students. What colleague(s)/student(s) have you talked to or worked with on your project?


Miriam's update: I'm updating pretty early, because I'm headed out to a conference tomorrow and don't come back until Nov. 2nd. I have established a lot of potential collaborations/links with regards to my project. First, I connected (thanks to Julie!) with a SoTL group at UGA headed up by Peggy Brickman. I presented my ideas to them recently, and got some excellent feedback. Secondly, I have enlisted the help of a member of my department who has expertise in statistical analysis and educational research. Lastly, I will also be meeting with a faculty member in the Psychology department at my institution, who has expertise in qualitative assessment. I have been trying to recruit students into the project, but that's proven tougher. Maybe I can get some psych students to join in...


Lisa's update:  I have been working with the UCD SoTL group (newly formed) and we have been helping eachother revise / concentrate our ideas.  I realized that I took on way to much as a potential research topic from D.C. this summer, so now I am prioritizing and figuring out how to implement my BIG goal in pieces and see how they build on one another.  I am also getting close to finishing a project on blogging and student attitudes from this semseter.  I think blogging is such a great way to build a student community at a non-traditional school like UCD (where the majority of our students are commuters and just come to campus for class and then leave to work / family obligations).  This blog is for my biotech class and like all good research projects, it has just generated MORE questions.  Check it out at   For this project I am working on figuring out people in education that are already looking at related questions.  I will keep you posted.


Julie's update I am deep into the data analysis at this point, and I have asked a colleague of mine to be a coauthor on this paper.  My colleague, Bob Thompson, is a professors of psychology, but he was also the former dean who originally funded my research and has been a huge advocate for the work that I am doing.  I thought it would be a great idea to have him as a co-author so he can help me think more deeply about some of the theoretical issues -- plus, he is an expert with psychometrics.  Bob also wants to bring in a statistician from our Office of Assessment to work with us. 

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