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October Assignments

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1. Update/ Revise Wiki site with your progress.  Reflect on “The Good, the bad and the ugly”. What is going well? What is problematic?  
Miriam's update: Well, let's see, I'm not teaching the class for this project until next semester, so I can't really reflect on how that's going. However, I just turned in a draft of a paper (for a different project) in to my co-author so I can devote myself fully to this project. In fact, today I'm starting to get instruments together, as well as getting a better idea of the treatments I want to implement. So--so far, all good, no bad or ugly. I'm sure those will come later.
Lisa's update:  I too am not teaching my course until spring.  I have been collecting rubrics from fellow instructors and trying to first develop the rubric shell and examples of each level of expectations.  Then I will add in the Blooms taxonomy terms, and as I do this, annotate the meanings of these terms for the students.  I have found a good book on writing research papers, that I think I will have my students purchase as our "textbook".  This book gives step by step suggestions for writing a scientific article.  I hope this will be useful for (1) creating / understanding the grading rubrics, and (2) clarifying the parts of a research paper for the students.  I am a bit afraid that I am changing too much to be able to comment on the effectiveness of this intervention, so I have to step back a bit and evaluate my implementation plan. We now have an informal SoTL group at UCD that is going to meet monthly to talk SoTL and brainstorm ideas!  It will be intersting as everyone is from quite diverse fields (psychology, music, english) but we all have similar struggles with doing SoTL.
Conrad's update:  Ditto for me; my course is in the spring.  I'll admit that I've been completely overwhelmed with non-Scholar activities...eight committees, ACUBE meeting coming up, appointment as Director of the Honors Program, and 18 contact hours.  Did I mention that I just turned in my tenure portfolio a little over a week ago?  I am trying to free up some time for Scholars and have had ideas festering in the back of my mind for awhile.  I did find a few more resources that I'll put on my Bibliography page.  At this point, I'm trying to identify the best assessment tools to use for my course redesign.  I've put off the IRB process until I have a handle on how I'm going to assess the students.  My IRB committee can get things approved in a week or two so I want to spend the second half of this semester really working on the nitty-gritty details of the new version of the course.  One nice thing that developed out of all kinds of conflicts in our spring schedules was that I was able to reschedule the course to have the lab go back-to-back with one of the lecture periods.  I'm envisioning using the 80-minute Tuesday lecture to do discussions and planning and using the 3.5-hour Thursday lecture/lab to focus on working with all the specimens.  Lab has always been rushed; I think we'll have time to figuratively and literally pick apart specimens to a degree that we've never had before.
Julie's update:  The good news is that I got my IRB approval and even a little money from the Dean of Trinity College to pay for the assessment in Chemistry.  When I went to the faculty member in Chemistry who works most closely with thesis writer, he was really excited about converting BioTAP into ChemTAP, and in fact, he wanted to help with the assessment.  So instead of hiring graduate students, I paid this guy a little summer salary to help me do the assessment.  I think this is a smart choice since it is the "spread of effect" in terms of professional development, and was an unexpected surprise.  The bad news is that we have both been very busy, and our meetings keep being postponed.  We have had a few regular meeting in a row, so luckily I don't expect anything to turn ugly

2. Edit your individual Research Design section of the website with your findings and methodology. Has anything changed?

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