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Assignment 5: Frameworks Case Studies

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Pre-Institute Assignment 5 - Advance Readings – Due July 15, 2009 (On-site)


The final assignment is to read two articles in preparation for a Wednesday night session titled, “Frameworks – Case Study #1 and #2.  Mary Pat Wenderoth and Jenny Knight, authors on each of these papers will present the session.  They ask that as you read these articles you consider the following questions and be prepared to discuss them on-site: 


1. Can you sketch out a time line of each study?  For example, what were the steps involved in collecting data for each of these studies--outline the approach, the data collection, and data analysis. 


2. What questions do you have about how the authors ran each study? 




Article #1 


Scott Freeman, et al. “Prescribed Active Learning Increases Performance in Introductory Biology,” in CBE-Life Sciences (vol 6, Summer 2007). 


Article #2 


M. K. Smith, et al. “Why Peer Discussions Improves Student Performance on In-Class Concept Questions,” in Science (vol 323, January 2009). 


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