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Final Capstone Assignment

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Greetings 09-10 Biology Scholars,
It is exciting to see so many of you presenting posters at CUE!
For our capstone meeting on Thursday, May 20, 1-4, we will work in groups to discuss your yearlong journey. We will mix you up so you will get a chance to get to interact with those outside your original group.
Learning goals:
·         Recognize and say hello to current and past scholars attending CUE.
·         Describe your research design and discuss why it is appropriate for your research question.
·         Describe issues related to getting IRB approval.
·         Describe your data and data analysis and discuss why it is appropriate for your research question.
·         Create a rubric to evaluate education research posters.
·         Evaluate education research posters using the rubric during CUE.
During the first two hours, we will discuss a variety of research related questions. During the last hour, past scholars will join us and we will create a rubric for evaluating posters that you will be able to use during the conference. Each scholar will be given the names of 2 scholars who have posters and asked to evaluate them using the rubric as a guide. These evaluations will ultimately be shared with the poster author.
So, your homework for the capstone meeting – can be done while traveling to the conference.
1)       Think about, and jot down if possible, criteria that you might use to judge an education research poster. What would make it an excellent poster versus a good one? 
2)     Look at the diagram below and the discussion questions. Be prepared to discuss these questions during our Thursday meeting.

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