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I teach at Nyack College, a small liberal arts college, located 20 miles north of New York City.  The institution serves just under 3,000 students, including a large population of underrepresented and underserved students. The college reflects the diversity of the nearby metropolitan New York City area.   More than 65% of our students are African- American, Hispanic or Asian American. Many of these students are first generation college students.


Teaching Responsibilities

 I primarily teach several biology courses to non-science majors who need to take a laboratory science course to fulfill graduation requirements.  We are beginning a nursing program, and this fall I will be teaching a Biochemistry course.


Courses Taught 

Course Name  

Course Number  

Number of Students  

Types of Students  

General Biology I 



General Education 

General Biology I Lab 



General Education 

General Biology II 



General Education 

General Biology II Lab 



General Education 

Human Biology 



General Education 

Human Biology Lab 



General Education 

Principles of Nutrition 



General Education 

Anatomy and Physiology Lab II 

BIO 214L 


General Education/Health Professionals 

Biology Workshop 



General Education 


  Professional Development


Over the past 5 years that I have been teaching, I have constantly saught to develop professionally and worked on my teaching skills as I was trained as a bench scientist. The thought is never far from my mind of how I can improve – what else can I do so that my students will learn?  


I have attended several meetings, workshops and conferences including the Chautauqua Course “How to teach like a pro” , the Case Studies in Science Workshop in Buffalo, NY, a National Science Foundation Summer Workshop on New Approaches and Techniques for Teaching Science and a National Association of Biology Teachers Professional Development meeting. 


Overall, I have gained a wealth of information and valuable tips on techniques that successful teachers use in the classroom.  As a result of my experiences, I now use personal response systems or clickers in my classes - a first at Nyack College.  Another technique that I use in my classes which is new to my college is group exams, which my students are quite enthusiastic about.  I have refined my teaching methods, and now use more active learning techniques such as case studies. 


My professional goal is to publish and share what I have learned.  I have gained so much by learning from others, that it is imperative that I give back to the teaching field and society.



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