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Segura-Totten, Miriam

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North Georgia College and State University, Department of Biology, Health & Natural Sciences Building, 82 College Circle, Dahlonega, GA 30597

Email: (until the end of June),

Ph: 787-557-2548 (cell)

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This fall, I am beginning a faculty appointment at North Georgia College and State University (NGCSU) to exemplify and promote the "Teacher-scholar" model. NGCSU is a primarily undergraduate institution, and as such prides itself on excellence in teaching. NGCSU has a Center of Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE), which strives to enhance teaching and learning through ongoing support and development of faculty.

NGCSU is striving to integrate research more fully into the curriculum and campus culture, and I was hired as part of that effort. I am extremely interested in the integration of research and teaching, since I personally feel that is one of the most efficient ways to advance a research agenda in an undergraduate institution. 

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yeah! teachingstudents tous the literature.

I wondered how you would evaluate the change in student performance in synthesis questions that could be due to working with the literature and not other aspects of the course.
Posted 16:03, 17 Jul 2009
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