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  1. 1. Teaching responsibilities

Teaching responsibilities

I am very interested in approaches to teaching and learning at the introductory level and also for reasoning (in science and more generally) - and have been lucky to be able to develop in both these areas. I am also involved in the development of a BA/MAT program for teacher preparation in high school biology. In the summer, I am an instructor for the science component for the Collegiate Scholars Program, a program for Chicago Public School students at the University of Chicago.

The table below summarizes the courses I have taught. Note that “Core Bio” and “Bio topics” is the informal name for the 1st  and 2nd, respectively, biology courses required for non-biology majors as part of the Core Curriculum at the University of Chicago

Course name
 Student type # of students per quarter

“Core Bio”
(different flavors, such as
“Microbes and Infections”)

 100s Non – bio majors 2 sections
of ~ 50
(~100 total)
Lab director, “Core Bio” lab 100s  Non – bio majors 4-8 sections
of ~ 50
(18 sections  with ~ 900 students per year)

“Infections & Immunity”
(co-taught with Dr. Fineschi)

200s Bio majors, juniors & seniors ~ 30-40
“Learning about reasoning from the evolutionary debate”
(co-taught with Dr. Lewis)
 200s  Non – bio majors 8
“Critical thinking in biology & life”
(co-taught with Dr. Lewis)
 200s  Non – bio majors 8

Economic Plants & Human Health
(“Bio topics”)


Non – bio majors, some bio majors

~ 40


Professional development goals

I would like to improve the learning in my classes, so that all students are learning - and in a way that excites them for life and they can take away their knowledge and skills outside the classroom. I would also like to be able to rigorously evaluate and improve my teaching based on that evaluation - and to share my results with other interested professionals. Ideally, I would continue to directly teach, but also would like to be involved in more programmatic educational efforts.

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