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Assistant Professor

Department of Integrative Biology 

University of Colorado Denver 

PO Box 173364, CB 171, NC 3014 

Denver, CO 80217 

303-556-6250 (office) 

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Will you give examples of the different levels of Bloom as applied to their writing assignments? Using BLAST to help them would be useful.
I like the idea of self-evaluation on the first assignment--great!
Excellent idea of *practicing assessment*
Posted 16:00, 17 Jul 2009
I am interested in knowing whether they change how they work on their assignments and not just how well the lab report reflects higher level of blooms
Posted 16:01, 17 Jul 2009
instead of telling them how to use rubri, self-evaluate, ask tehm to describe it while you guide the discussion
can emphasize studet assessment is like what scientists do- have colleagues look at manuscript for feedback before submitting
think about structuring assignment by requiring peer review as part of the preparation- consider more structure built into your rubric
I want to hear how this works out!
Posted 16:02, 17 Jul 2009
Student evaluations of their peers is sometimes problematic, especially if they have bonded. They may give their lab partner the easy treatment - lots of praise and little constructive feedback that might be perceived as negative. So be prepared for the peer assessment to not be that helpful.
Useful book on creating, grading writing assignments is "Engaging Students" by John Bean.
Posted 16:04, 17 Jul 2009
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