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2/28/10: Completed much of the preliminary analyses of the 2009 data.  Found a stumbling block with the 2008 data but am working toward getting this resolved (hopefully).  Basically, my campus deleted all my records for this course on Blackboard, and I can't seem to located my back-up files.  Supposedly, my campus did archive the records.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

3/2/10:  Received word from ASM CUE abstract reviewers that my abstract was "impressive but..." needed a clearer statement of the hypothesis.  I revised then resubmitted my abstract and am currently awaiting to hear about its acceptance/rejection.  I booked my hotel room for ASM CUE. 

3/12/10:  Will register for ASM CUE.

Week of 3/22/10:  This is my break week and my only window of opportunity to finish the remaining statistical analyses of my data.  Our spring quarter begins 3/29/10, and I'm teaching a new course (Environmental Toxicology), so basically my non-academic life will cease to exist from 3/29 - 6/15.

Beginning of May 2010: Finish all figures and all supporting documents for this project in order to prepare for ASM CUE May 20.  UPDATE:  I won't have all of this done until the week of 5/10.  I know this is cutting it close, but we're on the quarter system and only half way through the term.  Been insanely busy but am really excited about the meeting! 

5/17: Just submitted my PPT doc to our Media & Tech dept. for printing.  It'll be ready by Wed. 5/19.  What a complete relief!!! 

5/20 - 5/23: ASM CUE - I'm Poster 39C. 

End of June 2010:  Once my life resumes (after the end of the quarter and my new course is over, and I've had a moment to catch my breath), I will get the manuscript together for this project. 

6/30/10: Target date for manuscript submission to Advances in Physiology Education   

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