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August 18- meeting with Kimberly Tanner (project/IRB guidance)

August 21--submit IRB forms (remember student consent form),

talk to TA about data collection/schedule

Go through old exams and "Bloom" them, Make up quiz questions for each unit and "Bloom" them (3 questions per weekly quiz)

Need about 10 quizzes (5 points each--2 points for lower level Bloom Q's, 3 points for the "hard" question) Drop the lowest one or two quizzes....40 points total

(10% of final grade)

quiz topics: sort through learning objectives and pick the TOP TEN!



prokaryotic cell structure

eukaryotic cell structure

factors influencing growth

factors inhibiting growth


genetics (replication/transcription/translation)

genetic recombination in bacteria

biotechnology/recombinant DNA

epidemiology/disease transmission

mechanisms of pathogenicity

immune system--innate and adaptive

August 25-first day of class--give consent forms, explain project, syllabus/points/course goals  Attitude pre-test/informal survey writing (?)

Give 9-10 quizzes throughout the semester (3 questions on each)

*Weekly quizzes, counted for points given at the beginning of class

*Peer-grading of quizzes, followed by discussion (after handing them in)

of study habit/process of problem-solving (ie-how can you do this type of practice at home)

*Regular mid-term exams as in prior semesters (use same exam/isomorphic)

*Collect data on -quiz scores and -exam scores (split into MC and essay) and compare mean exam scores to same class last semester with no intervention and also compare quiz scores with MC and essay scores.



*Feb 1st Abstract due to team

*Feb 15  Abstract due to ASMCUE

Later--collect data on quiz performance (%) and breakdown of points on short-answer portion of exams

Later (if possible)--collect data on demographic of student population (SAT score, GPA, college preparation, biology background?)

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