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1.  Summary of my teaching responsibilities:

Introduction to Microbiology and Public Health lecture  (175 students per semester)  

Pre-nursing and pre-allied health science majors and non-majors   

65-70% of the class is comprised of minority students

Introduction to Microbiology and Public Health lab    (27 students per section)  (2 sections)= 54 students total   

Pre-nursing and pre-allied health  majors 

75% of the class is comprised of minority students

General Microbiology laboratory    (20 students)

Microbiology majors (pre-med, pre-dental, pre-grad)   

77% of the class is comprised of minority students


2.  Professional development goals:

     I have not had any formal education in the scholarship of teaching.  Because of my interest in improving undergraduate science education, I have explored this field on my own, by reading journals such as Cell Biology Education, attending education-related workshops and posters at the ASCB meeting, and most recently, participating in a departmental program aimed at improving teaching methods in biology.  The SEPAL (Science Education Partnership Assessment Laboratory) is a valuable resource for science teaching at SFSU.  I am currently participating in workshops held by SEPAL aimed at undergraduate science instructors.  Through SEPAL I have become more aware of education research in biology and how this may be applied to my own classroom.  I have not received any funding from either the Biology Department or SFSU to carry out research on undergraduate education.  However, I know that I have the full support of my colleagues and chair to undertake any such projects in the future.  I look forward to designing, implementing and assessing the effectiveness of new strategies in undergraduate microbiology education and hope to contribute to the "scholarship of teaching" knowledge base.  My goals stem from a desire to improve the undergraduate science experience for all students at a minority-serving institution.

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