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Research Design

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Group people in teams (3 or 4) in class and for on-line discussion of study skills
Teams will
 1. In class – discuss and answer content questions  pertaining to materials presented.
Introduce ideas pose questions, allow student discussion and survey results.
Addendum; Need to define whether can adopt Clickers or capture responses in another way/ (scantrons) both before and after peer discussion. 
 2. Online discussion of study approaches and questions with content (open ended)
ADDENDUM : Details for Weekly Online Discussion  Sample questions.

Weekly discussions withlearning teams.

Part A.  Study Skills

What approaches  did you take to learning the materials for this week? How effective were these approaches?


Part B.  Biology topics.

1. What content from the topics under discussion is clearest to you?    Describe your understanding of these ideas with your team members.

 2. What concepts are not clear?   How can team members assist you in understanding them?


Data Collection and Assessment


How Collect Data

Pre-post class assessment of core biology content 
(BCI or another assessment / modified) to define teams
 Post assessment embedded in Final Exam
Final Reflections:
what concepts learned in 4 core areas of Biology

what skills learned by working in teams that allowed greater success in Biology


ADDENDUM: Final Reflections: 

You are asked to reflect on two aspects of this course.  

Part I Content;  four main content areas:  


      Cell Biology 

      Genetics/ Molecular Genetics 



For each area listed above, describe one or two main topics that you learned better due to in-class discussions and online discussions with your team members. 



Part II.   Learning Teams  / study skills or learning approaches 


What new approaches did you try due to working with your team 

What approaches did you find most helpful?  



How assess data
Measure gains in learning of core concepts
  Coding of Final reflections on what learned about Biology and what learned about learning


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